• Unwelcome event

    To the editor:
    We just relocated to the area at the beginning of December 2012.
    We have found most people to be friendly, helpful and indeed welcoming in Brunswick and New Hanover counties; however, we received a new kind of welcome this morning.
    The car’s front passenger window was totally broken with a hatchet sitting between the front seats. Not what I expected of “Southern hospitality.”
    If you or anyone you know is missing a hatchet, it is with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.
    Debby Warren

  • Thanks to all

    To the editor:
    Recently, I endured four weeks of jackhammering and plumbing work in my house. Needless to say, it was a nightmare! Through it all, however, the staff of John Williams Plumbing, especially Jason Dobson, was more than gracious and caring. Each of the many plumbers involved in trying to repair the many issues were caring men who went out of their way to do the very best job they could.

  • Show stats

    To the editor:
    Rachel Johnson’s article in The Brunswick Beacon about the local employment conditions was outstanding, except for the conditions themselves.
    Her graph told it like it is. Wonder which county has the lowest and which one has the highest unemployment rate? There would be some good ones to add to get a true feel as to what is happening.
    Many factors are used to determine the unemployment rate, including: initial claims, disqualified, continuous claims, exhaustees and new entrants and re-entrants.

  • One alert citizen makes a difference

    To the editor:
    A concerned citizen who has been following all the promises, agreements and constant changes with regard to the county’s sewer installation has saved all of us a substantial amount of money, noticing that the “one-year, no interest if paid in full” clause originally in the agreement was gone.

  • Dying too young senseless tragedy

    To the editor:
    On March 9, our beautiful friend, sister and daughter, Nina Moreno, was taken from us much too soon. Nina had hopes and dreams of having a family, just like we all do. To know Nina was to love her. Her beautiful smile could light up a room. Nina was smart, funny, and hard-working. Her life was just beginning, but in the blink of an eye, drugs took her away from us.

  • Manning will be missed

    To the editor:
    Thanks, Stacey, for sharing your talent with us in Brunswick County these past few years.  May the Lord bless and keep you in his care and may you always be happy and prosperous in your endeavors.
    We will miss you.
    Ouida Hewett

  • Faith in action

    To the editor:
    Jesus considered knowledge and belief of His word as faith. Jesus was asked by the woman from Canaan, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David. My daughter is severely demon-possessed.”

  • What’s the distinction?

    To the editor:
    Last week, food safety officials in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden found traces of horse meat in ground beef sold across Europe. Massive recalls and lawsuits are ensuing.
    Can it happen here? Horse slaughter for human consumption was banned in the United States between 2007 and 2011. Now a New Mexico slaughterhouse is getting approved by U.S. authorities to slaughter horses for human consumption, and a Philadelphia restaurant has already announced plans to serve horse meat.

  • Displays of arrogance

    To the editor:
    The Oscars, Fallon and Letterman shows. Might Ringling Brothers Circus be their next display?
    The Obamas detest the White House and Oval Office. And here’s why. These settings represent the historically respected images of the freest, most important, powerful and benevolent country in the history of the world, which from the Obamas’ perspective represent rather the pinnacle of America’s racial bias and international exploitation.

  • What’s so great about this generation?

    To the editor:
    One generation after the “Greatest Generation,” this generation has forgotten all the lessons and examples of the Founding Fathers and more than two centuries of tradition. As we were the shining examples for the rest of humanity.
    Since the financial implosion of 2007, several trillion dollars have suddenly, almost magically, disappeared from the global economy.