• Bike MS rides into Sunset success

    To the editor:
    The Greater Carolinas Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society completed its Bike MS: Breakaway to the Beach event Sept. 21-22, with three start sites: one in Monroe; one in Hartsville, S.C., and one in Kershaw, S.C.
    All cyclists met in Florence, S.C., on Saturday night to finish their trek to Sunset Beach on Sunday.
    More than 600 volunteers and 863 cyclists participated in the 28th annual Bike MS ride, which has raised more than $580,000 to date and is on track to meet its $1 million goal.

  • River work appreciated

    To the editor:
    On behalf of the 450 members of Brunswick County Watermen’s Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the town of Shallotte and Congressman Mike McIntyre for their efforts to help restore the Shallotte River.
    It was a pleasure to read the article in The Brunswick Beacon regarding the forthcoming dredging of the river. I’m sure there was a lot of time and effort to bring everyone together on this endeavor.

  • Den of inquisition

    To the editor:
    To Sunset Beach citizens: Remember the once beautiful Angels Trace Golf Course (now Jaguar’s Lair)? Remember the hype and how grand it was supposed to be?
    Now, seven years later you have the biggest eyesore and wasteland ever seen in Sunset Beach. Jaguar’s Lair generated tens of millions of dollars in lot sales. What type of corporate entity wouldn’t reinvest this money to finish off what was supposed to be a crown jewel in your community?
    What does an unfinished Jaguar’s Lair mean to you?

  • Ring up recycling

    To the editor:
    What a grand party was given to members of Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation last Friday evening, Oct. 4, on the campus of Brunswick Community College. They treated everyone to food and drinks, a gift, a chance to vote for a representative, and a ticket for the raffle.
    The only thing missing was a chance to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles, and there were a lot of them. What if we all pledged to do a better job of recycling?
    Together, we could make a difference.

    Pat Purvis Brown

  • Debating the debate

    To the editor:
    In light of the recent rulings against incumbent candidates for Sunset Beach Town Council who attempted to use both a community meeting and the Sunset at Sunset festival to inform people of their vision and not the peoples’ vision of what Sunset Beach should be, I find it strange that the unopposed candidate for mayor has initiated a debate sponsored by the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce.
    There are also contested seats in a number of neighboring communities. Will the chamber also be sponsoring debates in those towns?

  • Jaguar’s Lair proposal adds insult

    To the editor:
    It’s insulting! That’s my reaction to Coastal Corp.’s proposed Site Improvement Agreement (SIA) presented to the Sunset Beach Town Council for infrastructure completion at Jaguar’s Lair.
    Why? Because Coastal Corp. requested to complete modest second phase work over three years and an indefinite period to complete all improvements. This schedule would leave many lot owners like me unable to obtain a home-building permit 10 years after paying Coastal Corp. for lots.

  • Too much sun?

    To the editor:
    Welcome to Sunstroke Beach.
    Sunset Beach council apparently is suffering from the heat of the election season. First, after much grumbling and gnashing of teeth, council reluctantly, on advice of counsel(s), cancelled a community meeting scheduled just six weeks before the election. It would have been a taxpayer-financed campaign opportunity for incumbents seeking re-election, since challengers would not have been on the panel.

  • Roundabout unnecessary

    To the editor:
    I attended the special Sunset Beach Town Council meeting Wednesday, Sept. 11.
    While I did not comment on the proposed rotary (roundabout) at Sunset Boulevard North and South, I did go to the beach after the meeting and passed through the intersection from each direction. I must say that I did not see any problem that would warrant a traffic circle. The current intersection is wide with excellent visibility from and toward every direction.

  • Rethinking Calabash

    To the editor,
    I visit Calabash every year and often think of retiring there. I attended town meetings in 2012 and watched as the commissioners voted against a senior citizen center.
    This year, I attended and watched as they voted against parks and recreational activities at no cost to the town.
    I also learned that the town foreclosed on a property for $11.61 for back taxes.
    At this point, I am considering why I even visit this town. It is not a very friendly town!

    Karen Pascoe
    Northampton, Pa.

  • Changes needed in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    If you have ever attended a Sunset Beach Town Council meeting (I have) or read about them in the Beacon, you will conclude civility stops at the door.
    Last week’s Beacon reported that at the council meeting, a board member told the mayor to “shut up.” Another told him he was thick, and a third kept pounding on the dais, while another told him to give up his gavel. If the word “skinned” had followed thick, perhaps the insult could have been translated to a complaint.