• Calabash stands strong

    To the editor:
    One of the things I like about living in Calabash is that our little fishing village, and “Seafood Capital of the World,” is not afraid to stand in support of our country.
    Even in such a town, the VFW and American Legion are heavily attended. As I attend the town meetings, we start each session with the American Pledge of Allegiance.
    The town also gathers at the center of Calabash for the Christmas tree lighting and, yes, people are hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Life-changing legislation

    To the editor:
    Regarding Jude Eden’s letter in the Aug 14 edition of the Beacon: Yes, Obamacare is a big deal because we are all going to live the nightmare personally.
    Obamacare remains broadly unpopular across America. A new poll of American voters shows a majority of 57 percent support defunding this unfair, unaffordable, unworkable law. And here in my own home, its impact is now being felt.

  • Visible and invisible America

    To the editor:
    The other day I saw a man sitting with his head bent down, and everyone just walked on by. All I could think about was, where did he sleep last night? What did he eat? Does he have anyone? My heart was broken.

  • Serve the people

    To the editor:
    President Obama was not born here – that bull went down the drain.
    Get rid of Obamacare, a program designed to help millions of people. Replace it with what?
    Get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Replace it with what?
    Don’t pass any of Obama’s proposals; Republicans want to impeach him.
    What a bunch of radical nuts. They are traitors to the people and shame on those who believe them.

  • Thank you for your help

    To the editor:
    The Calabash Fire Department would like to thank all those who assisted with and contributed to the recent Boot Drive fundraiser.
    The money raised will go toward furnishing our new firehouse, which is quickly nearing completion. It will also be used to purchase some much-needed equipment, which will help keep our ISO rating and the insurance rates for everyone in our fire district down.

  • Replace politicians with citizens

    To the editor:
    I think the next election we should vote all the politicians out of office and replace them with private civilians.
    Both Republicans and Democrats seem to be against educating our youth, the future of our country. North Carolina is 50th in the nation in teachers’ salary. Yes, last in the nation. This will not attract teachers, as they claim.

  • Problems not going away

    To the editor:
    We have many problems in the United States.
    Most of these problems are not getting solved because we are not addressing the root causes. The root cause of gun violence is uncontrolled anger and lack of respect for human life, not guns. The root cause of unemployment is not lack of money artificially injected into the system but lack of industry (which has been sent overseas) and overtaxing the business owners.

  • No place to play

    To the editor:
    Holden Beach playground has been put on hold.
    I am sorry that Holden Beach residents will be without the use of this park for months. I do find it amusing that Commissioner Don Glander seemed incensed. He should remember the average citizen faces these same problems when trying to deal with regulations put in place by our city, county, state and federal governments.

  • Learn to get along

    To the editor:
    Whenever I hear a liberal, or a so-called moderate, label conservatives as obstructionists, as being uncooperative and unwilling to support progressive undertakings, I am reminded of the advice given to an elderly hospice conservative by a liberal mortician: “Why can’t you just get along?”
    John A. Donnelly
    Carolina Shores

  • Councilwoman mistaken

    To the editor:
    Please let me correct some misinformation in the Beacon about the Sunset Beach Streetscape Committee.
    Councilwoman Carol Scott said “a resident’s claim that the NCDOT would do the streetscape plan” was untrue. She is mistaken. I am that resident. I was a member of the streetscape committee, along with an N.C. Department of Transportation representative. The rep offered to have the NCDOT design staff draw up a streetscape plan.