• Enough about gun control

    To the editor:
    Another letter advocating more gun control! Not a single solution offered would have stopped the mass shootings (or stabbings) because root causes are ignored. By contrast, nowhere are the daily stories of honest citizens using guns to protect themselves.
    The opening says: “No one is saying repeal the Second Amendment,” but that is precisely what is being done with new laws. Liberals (fundamental transformers) are chipping away at our rights.

  • Park plans get personal

    To the editor:
    The recent recommendation by council members DeVita and Joseph, and rubber-stamped by Sherrill and Williams, to have the veterans memorial site located at the park is just another example of how town hall forces its interests upon citizens. Most memorial sites are visible for all to observe and to reflect.
    Town hall’s responsibility is to help facilitate this noble effort introduced by citizens who have assured us that the site will be privately funded and maintained.

  • Sad experience for animal lovers

    To the editor:
    Several months ago, our neighbor moved out and left some cats. Shortly after, there were kittens. Our adoration of animals caused us to begin feeding them. These kittens stuck around the yard. Most of the colorful kittens were still nursing.
    One day we awoke to all mother cats and kittens missing.

  • Thanks for prayers

    To the editor:
    For anyone who has been to the Brunswick County Courthouse, restaurants, shops and many businesses in the Shallotte area, one can’t help but notice the paintings by Bryan Varnam.
    He is a local painter that was in a near-fatal accident on Oct. 13, 2012. He just had two more major surgeries and is slowly recuperating. We want to say a very special “thank you” to all the people who have been praying for Bryan.
    The Varnam Family

  • Welcomes new fishing columnist

    To the editor:
    Every week when I receive the Beacon, I immediately go to the Sports section to read the fishing report. As an avid fisherman, I’m always interested in staying in the “know” regarding what is biting, where and on what baits.
    This week, I was so happy to see that Cpt. Jacob Frick was announced as the new inshore fishing columnist. Having fished with Cpt. Jacob numerous times, I recognize his passion and knowledge for local fishing.

  • What was point of the survey?

    To the editor:
    Oh, c’mon Sunset Beach Town Council. Do I not remember a detailed survey about the proposed town park, which I had to complete and snail-mail in, no online option possible, and then reading customary heated discussion/accusations about the wording, necessity, costs of said survey ad nauseum?

  • Relocate gators

    To the editor:
    I was laughing to myself as I was reading the article in the April 4th edition of the Brunswick Beacon about a new leash law on Sunset Beach.
    This ordinance will limit the length of a dog’s leash to 10 feet. Meanwhile, “back at the ranch,” I see alligators everyday on the ponds in Sea Trail and all along the coastal road up to Beach Drive. People are golfing just a few feet away from these alligators! What is up with that?

  • Keep a watchful eye on taxes

    To the editor:
    This is in reference to the article on page 17A concerning merchants hot to unite to get support in Sunset Beach. In the third paragraph, the reporter states, “The group is seeking funding in the form of occupancy-tax proceeds.” I hope reporters for the Beacon continue to watch and report on this issue.
    The town of Sunset Beach currently collects 6 percent occupancy tax. Let’s put pressure on the town council to detail how that 6 percent occupancy tax is spent.
    Ron Smith

  • Laws should ban assault weapons

    To the editor:
    No one is saying, “Repeal the Second Amendment.” What we’re saying is, “Pass legislation that requires background checks on all gun purchases, ban the sale of high-capacity magazine clips and ban the sale  of assault weapons.” A majority of Americans want that, and most police chiefs want that. Law enforcement and the military are the only ones who should have access to such weapons.
    A hunter doesn’t need an AR-15 to kill deer. If he does, he isn’t much of a hunter.

  • Rabon should have represented voters

    To the editor:
    The N.C. statewide Lobby Day was Friday, April 5. Elected officials were asked to make themselves available to citizens they represented.