• Newsletter nonsense

    To the editor:
    The following are excerpts from [Sunset Beach Mayor] Rich Cerrato’s June 2013 Taxpayers Digest (TD) in exact quotes:
    “Sunset Gate: The records indicate: Conflict of interest violations confirmed by two State Agencies.”
    What conflicts specifically, and what agencies specifically? “The town informed the LGC there are no financial records for 2008-2010. Reportedly, the issues are being investigated.” Reportedly… that’s clever wording. Furthermore, it’s not true.  

  • Power of words

    To the editor:
    As any editor, or avid reader can attest, words hold both explicit and implicit power, and I have become acutely aware of some of the word choices local developers have chosen in regard to the blossoming communities in this area. In particular, I’m struck by the decision to use the word “plantation” in the names of these primarily affluent new developments.

  • Abandoning principle

    To the editor:
    Many years ago, I sat for an interview for a teaching position at a South Jersey High School. The interview was conducted by the board of education and the superintendent of the school district.

  • Existence of evolution

    To the editor:
    Can we question if evolution is even possible according to scientific principles?
    James Coppedge, Ph.D., director of the center of probability  research in biology in California, applied the laws of probability to the probability of a single (simple) cell coming into existence by chance. It would take 10 to the 119,841th power years.
    Emil Borel, the great French scientist and probability expert, points out that if anything on the cosmic level is of a probability ratio of more than 10 to the 50th power to 1, it never will happen.

  • Kudos to Connor Gushman

    To the editor:
    Just read Laura Lewis’ story about the fawn and what a wonderful thing that Connor Gushman did to save a helpless animal.
    His parents have to be very proud of his actions, and they also should be proud of themselves for teaching their children to respect all living things. Bravo, Connor!
    Emily Campbell

  • If you want change in Sunset Beach, run for office

    To the editor:
    Only once every four years do Sunset Beach voters get a chance to change the direction of our town.
    Three council members whose terms expire next year are up for re-election. Four years ago, they promised us “transparency, communication, and fiscal responsibility.” Only one, Carol Scott, kept that promise.

  • Do more for the world than you do for yourself

    To the editor:
    “To do more for the world than the world does for you—that is success.”— Henry Ford
    Henry Ford, the great American industrialist, could not have been more correct when he spoke of making positive contributions to the world and the community you serve.
    There is no better example of great character and a giving spirit than that of many people associated with Jennies Branch Baptist Church.

  • Tolley deserves recognition for his efforts

    Letter to the Editor:
     Lt. Tommy Tolley, of Brunswick County  Animal Protective Services, is to be commended for inviting a local TV news team to film the facility and discuss the problem of the number of cats brought in to the shelter each day.  
    In a single day recently, over 80 cats were brought in, far more than are being adopted.   In the report, aired June 13, Tolley pleaded with citizens to be responsible pet owners by getting cats and dogs spayed or neutered.  

  • Handicapped access needs to be provided

    To the editor:
    Recently I contacted the Dollar General Corp. to make it aware of possible handicapped law violations of their store in Holden Beach. I was sent a confirmation on the email, but a month later, the issue still exists.
    Several handicapped friends and family members shop this store, but it seems store officials use the handicapped ramp to showcase their lawn chairs, which in turn makes it hard for some to enter the store.

  • Thanks for making Sunset Beach stronger

    To the editor:
    Kudos to those Sunset Beach Town Council members who have worked so hard to take our little town to the next level.
    Beginning early in the year with the landscaping around the Mannon C. Gore Bridge, there are many visible reminders of improvements that make our community even lovelier to live in and visit.
    The improvements at the main public parking area are incredible and will be helpful to those using that lot. Adding a drop-off lane will improve safety and decrease the traffic back-up.