• Councilwoman talks about taking sides

    To the editor:
    Several letters to the editor have been published lately that go far beyond expressing the opinions of the writers on substantive issues, and instead personally and viciously attack elected officials who have different positions.
    I ran for office, not for political gain, but because I thought I could make a difference.
    I am sure most others run for the same reasons. The hours spent on town business are great, and the monetary reward practically nonexistent.

  • Great wife, cooking soothe worries

    To the editor:
    In a world that is fraught with turmoil, stress and uncertainty, it is so soothing that we have something we can count on.
    Marriage itself can be a gamble. I have a great wife, and without question I have perfect pasta.
    The Astros got Nolan Ryan, the Reds got Pete Rose, and I got Maria Quintano.
    She is descended from Sicilian parents. Her gift in the kitchen is she cannot cook a sub-standard meal.

  • Investigate records

    To the editor:
    Recently, the Beacon has published letters from Sunset Beach council members and Mayor Rich Cerrato regarding expenditures for a myriad of items.
    The amounts from both parties appear to be in direct conflict. Would it not be in the best public service interest for the Beacon to investigate public records to verify facts? Any discrepancies could then be reported to the citizens, our residents.
    In this election year, we have a right to know. Is it asking too much to expect fair and honorable journalism from a news organization?

  • Has writer lost her mind?

    To the editor:
    Re: Rachel Johnson’s column of Jan. 17.
    Rachel’s comment, “I believe in my right to not live in fear,” is mind-boggling. Practically every word in her article says, “I’m living in fear.” By packing a gun, she’s not living in fear? How bizarre. It stands the truth on its head.
    Are you gun owners so confused that you can’t think straight anymore? You’re afraid they are going to take your Bible away? Have you lost your mind?

  • Sweepstakes didn’t hurt anyone

    To the editor:
    As a local resident of Brunswick County for more than 20 years, I must say I am shocked and appalled at how our state doesn’t look at the big picture of harm they’ve done to our state. They are leaving hundreds without jobs who are already struggling to live and make ends meet due to our economy.
    Who does this affect? Everyone and anyone who works at sweepstakes businesses, played there, business owners and those companies such as electric, phone, Internet, etc.

  • Where was God?

    To the editor:
    After the Sandy Hook shooting, some asked why, while others asked, “Where was God?” Isn’t it ironic that after God is escorted out of our schools and public places, that when something bad happens, the question is, “Where is God?”
    We can’t even teach children to not kill for fear it will be teaching religion because it is part of the Ten Commandments. Why can’t we seek God and teach His commands before the tragedy?

  • Writer is an insult to others

    To the editor:
    This letter is in response to Mary Ann Baker’s letter on Jan. 17.
    I have not attended a Calabash monthly board meeting in more than three months. Maybe Mary Ann does not know what I look like. So I don’t know what she is talking about all the outbursts.
    As for my wife and myself, we only stepped down as volunteers, along with all but two members.
    This was one of the saddest decisions we had to make, and also for our town. My wife, Daria Buccilli, is still the liaison of community service.

  • Fun and games not so funny

    To the editor:
    Your recent cartoon illustrating a gambling machine in the unemployment office is not funny.
    While North Carolina is still struggling to get unemployment down, closing all these “evil” places is absurd.
    My wife sometimes stops by just for fun. The place she visits in Shallotte will lose seven employees, and that is just one shop.
    And for what? To ensure the state of North Carolina will get all gambling revenues from its numerous games?

  • Councilwoman should clarify

    To the editor:
    I have never owned property in Jaguar’s Lair, but I am a long-term tax paying resident of Sunset Beach.
    It was truly alarming to read your Jan. 10 article about Jaguar’s Lair and the interview with a town councilwoman.
    In the interview, town councilwoman Karen Joseph stated an agreement with Coastal Communities establishes “a mutually agreed upon completion date for all work in Section 1 no later than Dec.1, 2013.” This much is true.

  • Thanks, anonymous food donors

    To the editor:
    It has come to our awareness that some people do many kind things to help those in need.
    The people we are speaking of often go as “anonymous,” someone who needs no recognition for being kind to others.
    We would like to say thank you to these unknown donors for sharing the gift of love through the gift of food. Many Brunswick County residents had food during the Christmas season because of you.