• Recipients say thanks

    To the editor:
    The afterschool staff and children would like to thank the many volunteers from Brunswick County agencies, businesses, veterans and community individuals who donated their time and talent this year.
    We learned so much about the arts, health, gardening, cooking, camping, the life of authors, freedom for all, giving back through community service, respecting self and others, setting goals, kite flying, making ice cream, finance, preparing for the future through good grades, careers and more.

  • Democrats are like Soviets

    To the editor:
    In case you haven’t noticed, there is a culture of intimidation throughout the Obama administration. They are using Soviet-style tactics, profiling, and threatening our freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of the press.
    The administration has turned federal departments into weapons against those who oppose Obama’s fundamental transformation and Democrat Party rule.
    IRS audited Billy Graham’s ministry because of its support against same-sex marriage in North Carolina, wasting thousands in contributions.

  • Curious man saw signs in person

    To the editor:
    Apparently, some people cannot read the signs posted on the attendant booth at the Sunset Beach Pier parking lot. I have read several letters to the editor complaining of persons being booted. So I decided to make a trip over to the beach to see for myself.
    There is a very large 4-foot-by-8-foot sign in front of the pay booth, wider than the pay booth itself with large bold letters: “Paid Parking Only.”

  • Visitors should read the signs

    To the editor:
    It was interesting to read the latest letter from someone feeling they were mistreated at the Sunset Pier parking lot.
    The writer indicated that the free parking lot was closed, which it was. She went on to say that they pulled into the Sunset Pier parking lot, and there was not an attendant on duty to collect the parking fee. This is quite possible since the attendant is not always present.

  • Buddy Poppy is trademarked

    To the editor:
    Your editorial concerning those who have made the ultimate sacrifice was timely and appreciated by all veterans, The Beacon’s reputation as a strong supporter of veterans, veteran’s organizations and those currently serving is well documented.
    As commander of Post 7288 Calabash VFW, I would be remiss if I did not clarify some comments in the article.

  • Thanks to those who helped us

    To the editor:
    We, Light Ministries International, would like to thank Old Shallotte Baptist Church, Liberty Tabernacle, McPie Inc. (a Great Clips franchise), Belk’s of Shallotte, Sugar Confections Bakery and Building Hope Ministries for making our GEMS (Giving Early Mother’s Support) outreach on May 18 a success. We blessed five young ladies with items they will need for their new little ones. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us minister to those in need in our community.
    Carla S. White
    LMI vice president

  • Golf carts pose traffic problems

    To the editor:
    Currently, the 45 mph limit on the causeway at Sunset Beach by itself prohibits golf carts from crossing the bridge to the island. The state imposes a 35 mph maximum speed limit for roads that allow the use of golf carts.
    The town could request a change from the state from 45 to 35 mph. This issue is on the town council agenda for Monday, June 3.

  • Culture moving away from morality

    To the editor:
    As the current climate of our culture moves farther and farther away from morality and truth, it takes average people engaged in their area of influence to make any great strides toward change.
    We can win the culture when we live out a Christian world view and engage winsomely within our communities for their good.
    The Rev. Donna Phelps
    Building Hope Ministries/BCSTR

  • CIS Big Toy Day another success

    To the editor:
    Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS) would like to thank the Brunswick County Airport Commission for partnering with us for the 5th annual Big Toy Day on Saturday, May 18.
    We couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout from the community. Local businesses and municipalities turned out with their “toys” and let the kids climb all over them. The mission of CIS is to surround students with a community of support to empower them to stay in school and achieve in life.

  • Parking $50 for 10 minutes

    To the editor:
    My family and I were showing our visitors beautiful Sunset Beach on Saturday, May 4. The free parking area was closed for construction, so we drove to the parking area at the Sunset Beach Pier.
    There was not an attendant to collect the $5 parking fee. We parked and walked to the beach. There was one other car in the parking area. We were only there for 10 minutes because it started to rain. As we were walking back to our car, we saw an attendant bending down putting a boot on our car.