• Search again for answers

    To the editor:
    I was amused by the letter “Science provides answers” (published in the July 11 edition) when the 1953 Miller-Urey experiment was used as a possible explanation for life.
    This experiment has since been found lacking.
    The very use of all the simulated conditions that might have existed was conducted by a designer (Miller-Urey), just as creation scientists say life was created by God.

  • Buy locally

    To the editor:
    My husband and I recently realized the extraordinary benefits of patronizing local businesses.

  • Breeder is for the birds

    To the editor:
    As a customer of John Barrett, I would like to say on his behalf that his birds are healthy, clean and never neglected.
    I have bought one of his birds. He is a professional bird handler. He would never expose his birds to a dangerous environment. Exotic birds thrive in hot climates, and I am sure the birds in Central Park in New York City are exposed to more toxins.

  • Project Lifesaver appreciated

    To the editor:

    I would like to express my gratitude to The Brunswick Beacon, Sheriff John Ingram and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

    I recently moved to Brunswick County and read in the Beacon about a program called Project Lifesaver. My son, Cory, has autism and has wandered away several times.  

  • Getting it right with God

    To the editor:

    As Christians, it is vital that we continue to speak the truth.Sometimes it’s too easy to lapse into negativity: president-bashing, name-calling, jokes.

    We forget that even as wrong as someone may be (and some are very wrong), they are still made in the image and likeness of God. We get nowhere by hurling blame and insults and bashing opponents over the head with judgment and loveless conversation.

  • Content in sync with Satan

    To the editor:

    Today, children cannot be left to watch television, play video games, read books or magazines, surf the Internet, listen to music, or go to movies and concerts indiscriminately.

  • Vote out big spenders

    To the editor:

    What are grants? Monies allocated by government agencies for a specific project, granted either higher, or matching or less. Grants are your money collected through your taxes.

  • Trust officials?

    To the editor:
    Can we trust our elected officials?
    North Carolina legislators recently voted to turn down federal funds for the unemployed, and 70,000 North Carolina residents lost their unemployment benefits because of the actions of a few elected officials. Many of the same legislators voted to block the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA). Discussions about taxing social security are also a major concern for most middle-income citizens.

  • Use common sense

    To the editor:
    Ms. Theiss, who I am sure is a well-meaning lady, tells us in the last edition of The Brunswick Beacon that in 50 years she has never heard of a drowning on the South Jersey beaches because the lifeguards save all.
    In a quick Google search I found this link, www.southjersey.com/articles/?articleID= 13285, showing that eight have drowned since last Wednesday in South Jersey—three in the ocean and at least one when lifeguards were present.

  • Mayor seeks meeting

    To the editor:
    The recent mailed responses by the Sunset Beach council majority, Lou DeVita, Karen Joseph, Mike Williams and Wilson Sherrill, which conflicted with the public records in the Sunset Beach Taxpayers’ Digest, need to be resolved.