• Thank you all for Calabash sidewalks

    To the editor:
    A very special thanks to NCDOT, state grant monies, Calabash Mayor Knight, and the Calabash Board of Commissioners. We all appreciate the turn of events in the YES decision concerning the Beach Drive sidewalks.
    It was the right thing to do. I am looking forward to the use of these very much-needed sidewalks for daily use and the safety of our community. Kudos to all.
    Mary Ann Baker

  • A veteran says no to another memorial

    To the editor:
    Once again, the Sunset Beach Town Council is determined to spend our precious tax dollars on something Sunset Beach taxpayers don’t want or need.
    Once again, only Carol Scott had the courage to say no. Once again, the vote was 4 to 1.
    I am proud to be a decorated Vietnam combat veteran. I was an Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter pilot for almost two years.
    I was wounded three times, but I staunchly oppose the waste of our tax dollars for yet another veterans’ memorial.

  • You can ask Kay, but don’t expect answers

    To the editor:
    Sen. Kay Hagan sponsored a Twitter town hall on April 9 asking constituents to directly engage her with questions on veterans’ and military family issues.
    It should have been titled “#AskKayOnlyIfYouAgreeWithHer.”
    The senator answered ONLY a few soft-ball, pre-planned questions.
    Sadly, she ignored multiple questions of significance about Second Amendment issues for veterans, answers on the four dead Americans in Benghazi, troop support in North Carolina, sequester issues and the like.

  • Link proven between meat, heart disease

    To the editor:
    The new link between meat consumption and heart disease, discovered by Dr. Stanley Hazen of the Cleveland Clinic, is just the latest evidence linking meat consumption to killer diseases that cripple, and then kill, 1.3 million Americans annually.
    Hazen’s study showed that carnitine, an amino acid contained in all meat products, is a major factor in heart failure.

  • Coastal living costs

    To the editor:
    Last week, a contributor to this page made a number of flawed assertions about homeowners’ rates characterized as “facts.”
    Our primary catastrophic exposure in coastal North Carolina is the winds, rain, wave wash and floods (often an excluded peril) associated with tropical storms and hurricanes. Take little comfort if there has not been a significant weather event in years—it will occur. Local government, insurance companies and homeowners plan for that eventuality.

  • Proud of church for taking a stand

    To the editor:
    In his recent letter, John Comparetto attacks St. Brendan Church for its campaign to reduce gun violence.
    By focusing his argument on the [Catholic] pedophilia scandal, Comparetto tries to deflect attention from the debate. English composition students learn to avoid this fallacy in logic. A skilled writer/debater doesn’t attack people; he presents and defends ideas.
    Newtown killer Adam Lanza was a law-abiding citizen before he picked up assault rifles and high-capacity magazines legally purchased by his law-abiding mother.

  • Enough about gun control

    To the editor:
    Another letter advocating more gun control! Not a single solution offered would have stopped the mass shootings (or stabbings) because root causes are ignored. By contrast, nowhere are the daily stories of honest citizens using guns to protect themselves.
    The opening says: “No one is saying repeal the Second Amendment,” but that is precisely what is being done with new laws. Liberals (fundamental transformers) are chipping away at our rights.

  • Park plans get personal

    To the editor:
    The recent recommendation by council members DeVita and Joseph, and rubber-stamped by Sherrill and Williams, to have the veterans memorial site located at the park is just another example of how town hall forces its interests upon citizens. Most memorial sites are visible for all to observe and to reflect.
    Town hall’s responsibility is to help facilitate this noble effort introduced by citizens who have assured us that the site will be privately funded and maintained.

  • Sad experience for animal lovers

    To the editor:
    Several months ago, our neighbor moved out and left some cats. Shortly after, there were kittens. Our adoration of animals caused us to begin feeding them. These kittens stuck around the yard. Most of the colorful kittens were still nursing.
    One day we awoke to all mother cats and kittens missing.

  • Thanks for prayers

    To the editor:
    For anyone who has been to the Brunswick County Courthouse, restaurants, shops and many businesses in the Shallotte area, one can’t help but notice the paintings by Bryan Varnam.
    He is a local painter that was in a near-fatal accident on Oct. 13, 2012. He just had two more major surgeries and is slowly recuperating. We want to say a very special “thank you” to all the people who have been praying for Bryan.
    The Varnam Family