• Dribble drivel

    To the editor:
    What is dribble?
    Well, for one, it can be the syrupy saliva descending from the parted lips of an infant, customarily followed by an endearing toothless smile of satisfaction. It matters not that the infant has no idea of what it is doing or of the gentle swabbing by a loving adult, who then places a gentle kiss on the cherub’s cheek.
    Or, it might be the repeated pounding of an air-inflated leather sphere on a hardwood floor that signals a competitor’s attempt to score in a game of hoops.

  • Nuts to nukes

    To the editor:
    After reading John Sexton’s letter “Nukes for all” in last week’s Beacon, one can only hope he’s not let out unsupervised and off his chain.
    No-brainer, just PC-educated and too many videos.
    William D. Clemmons

  • Peer pressure in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    I wish to thank Sunset Beach councilwoman Carol Scott for apparently rejecting council pressure and not participating in the recent letter that councilmen DeVita, Joseph, Williams and Sherrill published.
    I am also disappointed, but not surprised, that public officials would provide misinformation that conflicts with public records to “trick” taxpayers.

  • We need God control, not gun control

    To the editor:
    As expected, many in our country are crying out for gun control after the school massacre that took place in Newtown, Conn. However, the problem is not the availability of guns. The problem is with the depravity of the human heart. A killer will find a way to kill.
    Every school in America needs a security officer. We used to have One until the early 1960s. His name is God. He was on duty with prayer, Bible reading, and the Ten Commandments.

  • Nukes for all

    To the editor:
    Some uninformed citizens say nuclear weapons are a threat to our safety.
    Nuclear weapons are not the problem. Nuclear weapons don’t kill people. People kill people.
    The problem is that all nations don’t have nuclear weapons. Some nations are nuke-free zones, inviting attacks from other nations. If all nations had nuclear weapons, there would be no fear of one nation attacking another.

  • Government needs governing

    To the editor:
    The do-nothing Congress is at it again. This bunch could not agree what date the Fourth of July comes on without a debate or some other type of argument.
    Local government is not any better. New Hanover County has its problems. Carolina Beach lost half of its people representing them. Leland has had its problems in the police department and with the mayor. Calabash has its problems. Sunset Beach is in the news every week.

  • Be aware of bank rules

    To the editor:
    Blessed with lending institutions, Brunswick County has its share of more than 4,440 vaults (branches of banks) scattered across North Carolina. Waiting for depositors’ money, the banker represents trust and security.
    Use caution before placing dollars in this vault. Ask two questions: Are my funds safe? Are my rights being observed? If arbitration is security for a depositor or customer, then no problem.
    Ask if you are a customer or consumer. The customer has privacy rights apart from a consumer’s rights.

  • An American, born and bred

    To the editor:
    Have heard with pride many people say,
    They love America and here will stay.
    In front of house, have a flag that flies,
    Under Carolina clear and bright blue skies.
    So this poem if you do want to share,
    Treat country and flag with so much care.
    Give them much honor and also praise,
    Even if raining or bright, sunny days.
    Do love them both like a small boy,
    Who every day plays with his toy
    We bought, which was a drum.
    America is where he has been from.

  • Gun bans don’t work

    To the editor:
    Letter writer Carol Weaver (Stop crying support solutions) thinks an assault weapons ban and a gun buy-back will help stop the violence.
    Sorry, Carol, but as an almost 40-year veteran police officer (and chief), it just doesn’t work.
    We tried an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004, and it had zero effect on crime or shootings.
    We banned heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. How’s that worked out?
    There are 80 million Americans, owning more than 350 million legal guns, who did not commit a crime today.

  • Come be a part of Toastmasters

    To the editor:
    Have you ever wished you could speak to a large crowd without being afraid? Can you remember a time when you were called on to take charge of a meeting, teach a Sunday school class or get a group of people to come together to accomplish something important?
    If just thinking about this gives you “butterflies,” you need to come and be with a group of people who feel the same way you do. They are working on “making the butterflies fly in formation.”