• Answer to woes is Jesus Christ

    To the editor:
    Nuclear war, biological war, destruction of our electronic grid, economic collapse, and widespread terrorist attacks are just some of the ways widespread devastation in the U.S. is possible. Any one of these could result in martial law, gun confiscation, no food, no purified water, and no available money.

  • Beacon is wrong on voter ID

    To the editor:
    The Beacon seems to believe voter ID is not an important issue and legislators should have been spending more time on other issues instead of voter ID. I find that position disturbing.
    But even more disturbing is the reporting. How is it that you give the NAACP a voice and you don’t provide any voice from the right? The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women and the local chapter have strong views concerning the need for voter ID, including the need for photo ID.

  • Beacon, NAACP way off base

    To the editor:
    Regarding last week’s editorial, you and the NAACP are way off base. Your cavalier attitude toward assuring the authenticity of votes cast is disturbing.
    Jobs and a healthy economy are a mainstay of our society, but honest voting procedures are so basic to a democracy it’s almost criminal for you to diminish its importance.
    In the last election near Philadelphia, Pa., in a predominantly black section, about 19,000 votes cast—all for Barack Obama. Not one for Mitt Romney. No red flag. No investigation. No voter ID.

  • Some rules have gotten ridiculous

    To the editor:
    A high school student athlete, anchoring a 4-by-100-yard track race, crosses the finish line a clear seven yards ahead of all competitors, and then raises his index finger to heaven, a gesture so often repeated by professional athletes and others in a thankful acknowledgment of divine assistance. The gesture is ruled a violation of rules for excessive celebration. The team is disqualified. The race was a qualifier for the state championships.

  • A fond farewell to his friend ‘Sarge’

    To the editor:
    I met Claude “Sarge” Suggs at a bar named Dockers 20 years ago when I moved here from Atlanta. He was the 63-year-old security man with the broken arm whose cast was an equalizer when handling rowdy patrons. It was only broken Thursday through Saturday.

  • Patient grateful for hospital care

    To the editor:
    Earlier this month, I was a patient at Brunswick Novant Medical Center.
    The care that I received was done professionally and with much care and kindness. I am very happy that this hospital is now available to offer such care.
    Emily Andresky
    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Smart Start thanks county parks and rec

    To the editor:
    Smart Start of Brunswick County would like to sincerely thank Brunswick County Parks and Recreation for its support of the flower power event, which takes place during the Week of the Young Child, a time to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families.
    Brunswick County Parks and Recreation provided flowers and its expertise as we planted flowers in Shallotte Park, Smithfield Park and Leland Park.
    Next time you visit your local park, please thank Brunswick County Parks and Recreation for the lovely flower gardens.

  • Gender switch day at school

    To the editor:
    Brunswick County Early College just had its spirit week this week. They had the usual Twin Day, Role Model Day, but something this year stuck out—Gender Switch Day.
    Is it really appropriate to reaffirm gender stereotypes by guys dressing up in dresses with padded, over-stuffed 34DD cleavage in a learning environment? The same goes for the girls, wearing traditional “jock” shorts and tennis shoes, but the girls’ outfits were fairly average and less offensive.

  • Eye appeal and its effects

    To the editor:
    I know that “funds not available” (FNA) is always a key issue to everything.
    Take a ride from RiverSea Plantation to Southport. When you go by Winding River, St. James and any other developed residential area, guess what? There are no signs. Now drive from Lockwood Folly River Bridge to the end of RiverSea Plantation. Look at the conglomeration of signs you see.

  • Current gun laws should be enforced

    To the editor:
    Mary Hart has asked for support of a gun petition at St. Brendan’s Church.
    The petition’s soft, sweet-sounding, convincing, liberal language, when implemented, is draconian in nature and will end private legal ownership of firearms.
    The petition asks for six features—control the sale and use of firearms, standardized criminal background checks, regulations to prevent easy access, require training and mandate purchase of liability insurance.