• Thanks to emergency services

    To the editor:
    To the citizens of Brunswick County, the Brunswick EMS, Shallotte Volunteer Fire Department, Brunswick Sheriff’s Office, Autumn Care personnel, Brunswick Novant Medical Center and others I am not aware of:

  • America has a blind spot

    To the editor:
    When we go to the eye doctor, we discover that we all have a blind spot in our peripheral vision. America has a blind spot when it comes to the unborn.
    America, as a whole, is horrified when a child is abused or killed by a sex offender or serial killer. We make special laws to protect children and pedophiles are considered the lowest form of all humanity. We even prosecute those who are responsible for killing a child when causing a baby’s death while assaulting a woman who is carrying it.

  • Meeting was not meant to be public

    To the editor:
    In last week’s Beacon, I was accused of improperly closing a regularly scheduled sewer meeting to reporter Laura Lewis. The truth is the meeting in question (set up to try and resolve sewer issues for the benefit of the citizens of Sunset Beach) was not one of the scheduled advertised open meetings we have each month to keep us up on sewer progress.

  • Adoption, a special and loving experience

    To the editor:
    Most of us know about adoption or have adopted children in our own families or know of others who have adopted children. A child of adoption is special because they were chosen.
    We hear about illegal adoptions and these facts can be messy, it can be emotional. Sometimes the procedures can take forever.
    After several years of marriage and the desire for children, my husband and I looked into adoption; we preferred a baby, boy or girl. Nine months later we got a phone call from the social worker for us to meet a baby boy.  

  • Banks are killing the real estate market

    To the editor:
    I think we can all agree the mortgage lending practices of our financial institutions are at the heart of the economic problems in this country. By lending money to those not qualified to pay it back has now resulted in a market flooded with empty, bank-owned properties. They proudly publish lists of the property they now own.

  • President did what he said he couldn’t do

    To the editor:

  • Town council should apologize

    To the editor:
    I hope this council (Sunset Beach Town Council) has the courage and decency to express their apologies to the citizens of Sunset Beach, county officials and to Brunswick Beacon reporter Laura Lewis, who attended this regularly scheduled sewer meeting that the public has openly attended and participated and then was rudely asked to leave for no legal and justifiable explanation.

  • Thanks for featuring artists

    To the editor:
    On behalf of the Waterway Art Association, I wish to thank you for the wonderful feature in the Be Scene section June 7.
    Our membership is proud to have so many talented artists among us and your recognition with a feature will challenge our members to continue to excel.
    Some winners not featured include:
    First place for the Awards of Excellence: Pat Golden, “Tranquility;” second place, Susan Mauney, “Dear Simone;” and third place, Brenda Goff, “Gabriel.”

  • Give shelter and animals a chance

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank county commissioners for allowing the sheriff’s office to run Brunswick County Animal Control. I have been to the shelter and have seen many positive changes happening.
    What is needed now at the shelter is the public. I know so many people say they just can’t go in there, but the changes have made the shelter a much more pleasant place.
    I know people think the rescue group will pull animals that so desperately need help. They can’t save every animal there; it takes the public to help.

  • You always have to pay

    To the editor:
    I bought my home in Brunswick County in 1974. My home had propane heat in it. I paid the deposit with a local gas company and everything was fine for years.
    The local gas company was sold three times during the years and my business was sold with it.
    Last winter Mother Nature gave us a break from the cold and I didn’t use as much fuel as normal.
    Last week I received a bill for $62.98 for “tank usage fee.” The government and everyone else wants people to conserve energy but you still have to pay.