• BFA shares its Christmas story

    To the editor:

    I wanted to let you know Brunswick Family Assistance’s Christmas distribution this year was a huge success! After all was said and done, we helped make Christmas possible for 1,295 low-income children and seniors in Brunswick County this year.

  • Thank you for Pet Education Program support

    To the editor:

  • ‘Me too’ crosses boundaries

    To the editor:

  • Better ways to improve Shallotte roads

    To the editor:

    The Dec. 14 edition shows the Wall Street realignment as a done deal, to start in 2018-20. I haven’t seen how much this will cost, but the Oct. 12 edition said to move the ABC store would cost $1.3 million. To realign Wall Street and Shallotte Avenue would undoubtedly run into the millions as well.

  • What is Christmas?

    To the editor:

    What is Christmas? To many, including me, it is a wonderful time with family to show our love with gifts and love. But that is not all it is. To me, it is the celebration of a gift given to all who would receive it. This gift given by God was given to all his creation to provide a way for them to be forgiven of their sins and to spend eternity with him. People of the Old Testament looked forward in faith using symbolic animal sacrifices to a coming messiah. We look back in faith to God’s birth, sacrificial life and death on the cross for our sins.

  • ‘Me too’ is pro-decency and respect

    To the editor:

    When I first found out about the “me too” discussion, I said to myself, “me too!”

    I was sexually assaulted by a peer at 14. I was sexually harassed by bosses at work. I never said anything about any of these events that shaped my life other than to close friends at the time and really only in passing.

  • Thank you for supporting 25th Toy Run

    To the editor:

    Just want to let folks know the Brunswick Toy Run was successful in spite of rainy, cold weather Dec. 9. We shopped with 139 children selected by all the elementary schools in the county by their facilitators, as well as some churches.

    I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors and participants that day who registered and bought tickets. We spent $20,000, the most ever in the 25 years of this event! All monies stay in Brunswick County.

  • Shallotte is a beautiful hometown

    To the editor:

    What a beautiful town I live in!

    Driving through Shallotte last night was magical for me. When I turned onto N.C. 179 toward home, it was absolutely breathtaking.

    I would like to give the town of Shallotte and Cindy Babson and her crew a well-deserved pat on the back. My hometown is not only beautiful at Christmas, but all through the year. Thanks for all you do.

    Missy Milliken


  • ‘For New Brother Saved A Gift’

    To the editor:

    White snow softly fell to the ground;

    Wild animals would roam all around;

    Saw a Christmas tree shining bright;

    God had made us such a pretty sight.

    Gifts under a tree were there all laid;

    Near fireplace we played and played;

    Parents did have to make a decision;

    Tell us Santa is real not just a vision.

    That night we had started off to bed,

    After all of our prayers had been said;

    Make sure Santa comes to our house,

  • Protest possible insurance hike

    To the editor:

    I am absolutely not in favor of increasing homeowner insurance rates for wind and hail policies in the county.

    We went through this drill when Wayne Goodwin was commissioner, and it is obvious the insurance companies wish to pick on the recently elected “rookie” commissioner in a big way.