• Water hazard has become ugly cesspool

    To the editor:

    Have you thought about where you want to live when you retire?

    If yes, did you think of a retirement community on a golf course? Me either!

    Then comes that day when you are nearing retirement and while traveling you drive by one of those communities.

    Your wife says, “That looks like a nice place,” so you stop and look at property/lots and amenities that are available to you if you live there. Soon you find a pre-existing home that fits your desires for retirement and the deal is done.

  • Slight personal savings would hurt thousands

    To the editor:

    Why should I be surprised the Republicans against universal health care propose to eliminate the itemization of health-care costs for income tax purposes? I’m not.

    I roughed out my income tax using the proposed Republican rates and found my tax would be cut by approximately $480 or 4.7 percent. Do I really need that money when I consider my past and what may befall me in the future?

  • What will it take for real county animal control?

    To the editor:

    What is it going to take to stop pit bulls and other dogs killing from our pets?

    Under present laws, animal control can’t stop it. Perhaps a child being mauled will stop it. Will the county be sued?

  • Thank you for featuring kitten rescuer story

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank Laura Lewis and the Beacon for recognizing Joseph Anderson’s efforts to save five helpless kittens from the Brunswick County landfill.

    As a taxpayer in Sunset Beach, your story renews my faith in mankind.

    Little River, S.C., should be proud to have a citizen like Joseph Anderson who has the character and the moral compass to know the difference between right and wrong.

    Joe is welcome at my house anytime!

    Gary Kesler

    Sunset Beach

  • Thanks for supporting animal rescue and adoption

    To the editor:

    Thank you for featuring my foster dog Bon Bon on the front page of the Beacon on Oct. 19.

    She was adopted Saturday in Wilmington at a pet adoption fair the rescue group for which I volunteer, Rescue Animals Community Effort (R.A.C.E.), was participating.

    The lovely person who adopted Bon Bon saw that photo and said she knew she had to have her. Thank you to staff writer Laura Lewis for your love for all animals, especially rescues, and that awesome photo and story. I appreciate the Beacon’s coverage very much.

  • Others share county water safety concern

    To the editor:

    Teddy C. Altreuter wrote a letter published in the Oct. 26 edition about the safety of our drinking water. I share her concern.

    Upon returning to our home after being away, we noticed our dish drainboard had gray/brown stains. Also, the drip tray for our ice dispenser had yellow stains.

    We filled our guest bathtub with water before the last threat of a hurricane. It was never used, but there was a definite ring around the tub after we emptied it.

    Charlie Guido

    Carolina Shores

  • People Power seeks access to Iler, Rabon

    To the editor:

    I am writing on behalf of the People Power of Brunswick County’s concerned voters who have begun a campaign to be heard at town hall meetings by our state legislators, Rep. Frank Iler of Oak Island and Sen. Bill Rabon of Southport.

    We are calling, emailing and writing them to request meetings before the next legislative session. They are representing us! It is our constitutional right and their job to listen to us and answer our questions.

    Feel free to join our campaign.

    Denise Donnelly


  • Rabon doesn’t live up to oath

    To the editor:

    Voters in Brunswick County need to be aware state Sen. Bill Rabon is not living up to his oath of office to “endeavor to support, maintain and defend the Constitution of North Carolina.”

    He authored Senate Bill S698. This bill calls for all judgeships to be elected every two years. The constitution clearly states in Article IV Section 10 that District Court judges are elected for four years and Section 16 states that Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Superior Court judges are elected for eight years.

  • Are we on the cusp of another ‘Great Awakening?’

    To the editor:

    Could we see another Great Awakening?

    William Wilberforce was a great Christian philanthropist and vigorous opponent of the slave trade in England during the early 1800s. He wrote: “My own solid hopes for the well-being of my country depend, not so much on her navies or armies, nor on the wisdom of her rulers, nor on the spirit of her people, as on the persuasion that she still contains many who love and obey the gospel of Christ. I believe that their prayers may yet prevail.”

  • Respect freedom — or lose it

    To the editor:

    Anyone who does anything to disrespect our country, our flag or our anthem does not understand the meaning of what they represent.

    They must not have been educated on our history — the real history of our country, good and bad. The flag of our country is the symbol of our military, men and women who fought, bled and died to keep us free and most of the world free.