• Doesn’t like flag attire

    To the editor:
    In the May 31 edition of the Beacon, there is a photo of a woman and her dog, both decked out in the red, white and blue of the flag of the United States. At first glance, it looked so very “patriotic,” until you see that the woman in the photo, wearing a pair of shorts configured from our flag, could be construed as covering her derriere, whether standing, or worse still, sitting. I find that completely objectionable.

  • Baptist church has long history

    To the editor:
    The new Oxford Dictionary of World Religions defines Bible Belt as: “The southern states of the United States of America, where the mainstream of Christianity is characteristically fundamentalist, stressing the literalism and inerrancy of the Bible.”

  • Thanks for new bathrooms at the beach

    To the editor:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the town of Sunset Beach and all our council members for installing the beautiful bathrooms at the beach. I had the opportunity to check them out today and I was pleasantly surprised. They’re beautiful, clean and spacious. I really appreciate the hard work that went into the planning and installation of the restrooms.

  • Safety should be priority on the beach

    To the editor:
    In response to Ms. Harrison’s letter on May 10, 2012, I agree with her comments on “Safety First.” I worked on the Sunset Beach Beach Patrol from 2001-2011. Safety was my main concern, too.
    I have a solution for our present situations. Presently we have 18-plus firemen in Sunset Beach. Two firemen or women could be assigned for 10 weeks to work beach patrol. As a matter of fact, one fireman was working on the beach patrol during the summer of 2010.

  • Allow citizens to vote on annexation process

    To the editor:
    There has been tremendous growth in the Southport area during my 35 years as a citizen of the waterfront town. However, I was mystified when the “official” population remained relatively stable over three decades. I did not understand why the town failed to fill several potholes in a road beside an abandoned drugstore near the main street.

  • Protect the family unit, nation

    To the editor:
    There have been recent criticisms of the majority of North Carolina citizens for choosing to amend the state’s constitution in favor of identifying a legal marriage as that between one man and one woman.
    If a legally recognized marriage were to be defined, as has been vehemently maintained elsewhere, as that between two men, or as that between two women, why not then as that between one man and two women, or between one woman and two men, or between one man, or one woman, and a gaggle of Muscovy ducks or a herd of Arabian stallions?

  • Doesn’t like editorial cartoon about trees

    To the editor:
    I found the op-ed cartoon in the May 16 issue depicting a cavalier attitude on the part of the Carolina Shores Tree Commission to be offensive on several levels.
    First of all, the members of the tree commission collectively donate several hundred hours yearly to the task determining the viability of removing selected trees throughout the town.

  • Save our turtles; trash your trash

    To the editor:
    I felt I was in paradise strolling along Ocean Isle Beach, waves lapping at my bare feet, cumulus white clouds floating in a blue sky above, and the ocean roaring in my ears.
    Suddenly, a plastic bottle nudged my foot. I almost stepped on a broken brown bottle that frightened and angered me. Nearby, I spied a plastic bag at water’s edge.
    Paradise lost by man’s littering.

  • Time to renourish the beach

    To the editor:
    Please re-nourish our beach. Being a business owner that serves the tourists with rental equipment, I have been able to witness first-hand the beach erosion on Ocean Isle Beach on an all too-often basis. I am overwhelmed that our beach is quickly disappearing from the east end to the west end. This morning, I stepped out onto the beach at Ocean Point Condo’s (west end) and from the dune line, there may have been 10 feet to the high tide line.

  • Mark Saunders is good for county

    To the editor:
    After reading about Jaguar’s Lair, Sunset Beach and Mark Saunders, I wonder if anyone stops to recognize the good Mr. Saunders has done for this county?
    I have worked for him for the last 20 years and I have never known him to be the type of person who some of these homeowners would have us to believe he is.
    Mr. Saunders was caught up in dire economic times just like the rest of us. I’m sure we all would do things differently if we had seen the tough times ahead. I feel sure Mr. Saunders would do things differently, too.