• FOP says thanks

    To the editor:
    The Brunswick County Fraternal Order of Police would like to thank all the businesses and residents in Brunswick County for their support and donations last year.
    Your generous donations made it possible for us to continue our Cops & Kids (formerly Shop with a Cop) program. We have been helping families for more than 20 years and hope to continue this program for many years to come.

  • Stop crying, support solutions

    To the editor:
    With regard to Rachel Johnson’s column, “A nation at war with itself marks a year of shooting deaths,” I wish to respond.
    Really, you can’t think of a single way to make it stop? How about an assault weapons ban and a buy-back of the weapons that would meet that definition?
    How about a common sense solution to this culture of gun violence instead of wringing your hands about what this country is coming to?
    Stop crying and support a meaningful solution.
    Carol A. Weaver
    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Thank you for supporting our troops

    To the editor:
    The Grand Strand Blue Star Mothers in Little River, S.C., would like to thank the community of Brunswick County for their generous support of our November holiday packing drive for the troops.
    We packed and shipped 250 holiday boxes in late November. This was accomplished with your generous donations of wish list items and cash donations.
    Again, our sincere “thank you” for supporting our troops.
    Marilyn Prota
    Grand Strand Blue Star Mothers

  • Power is in our choices

    To the editor:
    Great power lies in the choices that we make. The actions we choose to take are just as important as the actions that we choose not to take.
    What have you purposed in your heart to accomplish, to do, to activate your faith for? Be determined to pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus in 2013.
    Like Daniel in the Bible, purpose not to defile yourself; say “No” to compromise. Follow Christ by the thoughts you think, by the words that you speak, and by the actions you take.

  • Consequences come later for actions today

    To the editor:
    Fifty years later, America’s youth are doing to spirituality what we in the ’60s did to sexuality.
    If you are enjoying the result of the sexual revolution, then go ahead and enjoy the spiritual revolution. However, be advised that 50 years from now, we will be enjoying the consequences.
    Bobby Norton

  • What are real women made of?

    To the editor:
    This is in response to Carl Evanoff’s letter to the editor last week, “What’s the message here?” A very interesting article and subject for debate, discussing whether real women in Brunswick County are made of plastic.
    Mr. Evanoff should first recognize plastic is an intrinsic value of the “real woman” in today’s society. By that, I mean it is essential to their natural being. It makes women feel as belonging to something that bears the basic and essential features of nature.

  • Faith restored

    To the editor:
    Late Friday night, Dec. 14, while driving to my home in Shallotte, I witnessed something that restores my faith in the younger generation.
    Standing on the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s in Shallotte were five teenagers in a silent memorial to the horrific murders at the school in Connecticut. Both boys and girls stood there quietly with lit candles, paying their silent tribute to the victims of the brutal, senseless killings.

  • Should be only bliss at Christmas

    To the editor:
    We will soon have another Christmas,
    One person removed all of the bliss.
    Adequate father figure, he did lack
    And rest of society, soon did attack.
    From 20 families, he just set free,
    Those meaning the world to you and me.
    So full of youth with very fine faces
    Caused death and each one disgraces.
    Deaths do represent his lonely life,
    Which was full of sorrow with strife.
    In all of society, he could never succeed.

  • What’s the message here?

    To the editor:
    Did anyone address the irony of having the first full-page inside cover ad in your Real Women of Brunswick County supplement an ad for a plastic surgeon?
    Carl Evanoff

  • Thank you

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people from St. John’s, Cedar Grove and the surrounding areas for your visits, calls, gifts and prayers during my recent hospital stay.
    It was a comfort to know that neighbors collected my mail and papers. Your kind deeds served as a source of inspiration for me.
    My stay could not have been made more pleasant at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. The doctors and staff were wonderful.
    I feel blessed to have friends like all of you. Again thank you and God bless.