• What are real women made of?

    To the editor:
    This is in response to Carl Evanoff’s letter to the editor last week, “What’s the message here?” A very interesting article and subject for debate, discussing whether real women in Brunswick County are made of plastic.
    Mr. Evanoff should first recognize plastic is an intrinsic value of the “real woman” in today’s society. By that, I mean it is essential to their natural being. It makes women feel as belonging to something that bears the basic and essential features of nature.

  • Faith restored

    To the editor:
    Late Friday night, Dec. 14, while driving to my home in Shallotte, I witnessed something that restores my faith in the younger generation.
    Standing on the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s in Shallotte were five teenagers in a silent memorial to the horrific murders at the school in Connecticut. Both boys and girls stood there quietly with lit candles, paying their silent tribute to the victims of the brutal, senseless killings.

  • Should be only bliss at Christmas

    To the editor:
    We will soon have another Christmas,
    One person removed all of the bliss.
    Adequate father figure, he did lack
    And rest of society, soon did attack.
    From 20 families, he just set free,
    Those meaning the world to you and me.
    So full of youth with very fine faces
    Caused death and each one disgraces.
    Deaths do represent his lonely life,
    Which was full of sorrow with strife.
    In all of society, he could never succeed.

  • What’s the message here?

    To the editor:
    Did anyone address the irony of having the first full-page inside cover ad in your Real Women of Brunswick County supplement an ad for a plastic surgeon?
    Carl Evanoff

  • Thank you

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people from St. John’s, Cedar Grove and the surrounding areas for your visits, calls, gifts and prayers during my recent hospital stay.
    It was a comfort to know that neighbors collected my mail and papers. Your kind deeds served as a source of inspiration for me.
    My stay could not have been made more pleasant at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. The doctors and staff were wonderful.
    I feel blessed to have friends like all of you. Again thank you and God bless.

  • Thanks for help with Toy Run

    To the editor:
    A heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, motorcyclists and classic car folks who helped with the Brunswick County’s 20th anniversary Toy Run.
    We took 112 children shopping at Walmart and spent more than $100 on each one on Saturday.
    We had about 150 motorcycles and classic cars attend. The winner of the John Deere mower and A-1 Hitch 5-foot-by-10-foot trailer was Shalene Reece from Southport.
    Walmart was wonderful in letting us use their parking area and having smiling cashiers checking out all the children.

  • Good support for Dickens Festival

    To the editor:
    Sincerest thanks to the Shallotte community, The Brunswick Beacon and sponsors for your support of the Charles Dickens Christmas Festival. Your outpouring of goodwill and cheer during two sunny, glorious days in Southport was absolutely wonderful.
    Our deepest appreciation to our performing arts and volunteer communities who contributed enormous time and talent and were at the heart of our first-ever Charles Dickens Festival.

  • Thanks for scam alert

    To the editor:
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Brunswick Beacon and Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram for the recent article concerning credit card fraud scams.
    Well, today I received a postcard in the mail indicating I had won a $100 gift card, good at Walmart, Target and numerous other stores.
    I called the phone number listed. The representative was antagonistic, belligerent and hostile. He asked for my credit card information. Ah-ha, red flag!

  • Figures don’t lie

    To the editor:
    Mayor Rich Cerrato continues to circulate fabrications and opinions as valid information. Given he is educated and literate, one can only assume he does this to mislead and misinform.
    Getting his fictional version of reality in the media by any means possible doesn’t make it any more valid.
    He claims:
    Inflated salaries.

  • Disappointed with event

    To the editor:
    What happened to the Christmas tree-lighting festivities this year?
    I’ve lived here for five years now and my family and I enjoy the tree-lighting festivities in Shallotte every year. We like to come out on that chilly night every year and drink hot cocoa and watch some local teens sing Christmas carols and listen to a few town locals speak and then Santa arrives for the kids.
    This year, they moved it to Saturday after the parade and it was hot and coincided with the stew cook-off contest.