• Figures don’t lie

    To the editor:
    Mayor Rich Cerrato continues to circulate fabrications and opinions as valid information. Given he is educated and literate, one can only assume he does this to mislead and misinform.
    Getting his fictional version of reality in the media by any means possible doesn’t make it any more valid.
    He claims:
    Inflated salaries.

  • Disappointed with event

    To the editor:
    What happened to the Christmas tree-lighting festivities this year?
    I’ve lived here for five years now and my family and I enjoy the tree-lighting festivities in Shallotte every year. We like to come out on that chilly night every year and drink hot cocoa and watch some local teens sing Christmas carols and listen to a few town locals speak and then Santa arrives for the kids.
    This year, they moved it to Saturday after the parade and it was hot and coincided with the stew cook-off contest.

  • Thanks for help finding purse

    To the editor:
    In this day and age, you hear so much that is negative. Here is a heart-warming story thanks to Walmart employees.
    With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving over, I was shopping for my best friend’s birthday party that often gets lost the beginning of December. I was excited, and in a hurry.
    Stupidly, I left my purse in the cart and didn’t miss it until I got home 20 minutes later.

  • Power in faith

    To the editor:
    What do you do with your guilt? Some would say they don’t have any. Others blame someone else. Still others try to ignore it. Are we justified to feel guilt?
    “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all,” James 2:10.
    It is not a question of whether we are guilty or not, but what are we going to do about it. Some try to hide from it through drugs or alcohol. Trust me when I say this doesn’t work, as I know from experience.

  • Thanks for shopping local

    To the editor:
    Communities in Schools of Brunswick County Inc. is grateful for the show of support to The Red House Specialty Shops during the “shop local” weekend.
    The new shop at 4606 Main Street in Shallotte was abuzz with customers checking out the new venue. It was a happy place to be during the weekend and we are grateful for the vendors who have joined our partnership to help raise funds for CIS programs in Brunswick County Schools.

  • ‘New normalcy’ in effect

    To the editor:
    Presidential election results have dramatically confirmed this nation has passed from moral, social and political adulthood into an adolescent world of self-gratification and complacence, a cultural shift of unimaginable proportions.

  • Spending skewed in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    This year, Sunset Beach council members Lou DeVita, Karen Joseph and Wilson Sherrill approved 5 percent salary increases, raising already inflated salary levels to 15 percent in four years.
    This year’s salary increases alone will cost taxpayers $146,000 each year and $730,000 (constant dollars) in five years, including employee benefits.
    The generous taxpayers for years have also paid 100 percent of medical insurance increase premiums for our employees. Who pays your medical insurance increases?

  • Don’t shop—adopt

    To the editor:
    I’m sure you have heard these words for months before Christmas. Whether you adopt a puppy or older dog, take it slow. If you are unsure which dog would be a match for your family, talk with friends and family members who have dogs. Decide which breed you would like to have, and then decide if the breed will work for you.
    When the dog arrives, let it proceed at its own pace and adjust to its new home. Do not force your new dog to experience things they are unsure of.  

  • Carolina Shores good example for Calabash

    To the editor:
    Thank you to the Carolina Shores citizens for their concern to the board about the crimes in their area. I have addressed this issue with the Calabash town mayor and board with little response. There is crime of all kinds on all of our streets. We need more sheriff patrols in both areas, not blinders and no concern.
    We have a divided board, four-to-one on all issues. Mayor Mary Knight and Daria Buccilli are attached at the hip and are always on a mission.

  • Built with help

    To the editor:
    Our president has been sharply criticized for his statement, “You didn’t build that!” Although I might adamantly insist “I did,” I am persuaded of the facts that “I did not” without the help of others build anything.
    Educationally, others provided rudimentary knowledge that I used in what I built. Materially, others furnished parts of what I built. Elementally, the One provided everything I and the others used to build what I built.