• Don’t shop—adopt

    To the editor:
    I’m sure you have heard these words for months before Christmas. Whether you adopt a puppy or older dog, take it slow. If you are unsure which dog would be a match for your family, talk with friends and family members who have dogs. Decide which breed you would like to have, and then decide if the breed will work for you.
    When the dog arrives, let it proceed at its own pace and adjust to its new home. Do not force your new dog to experience things they are unsure of.  

  • Carolina Shores good example for Calabash

    To the editor:
    Thank you to the Carolina Shores citizens for their concern to the board about the crimes in their area. I have addressed this issue with the Calabash town mayor and board with little response. There is crime of all kinds on all of our streets. We need more sheriff patrols in both areas, not blinders and no concern.
    We have a divided board, four-to-one on all issues. Mayor Mary Knight and Daria Buccilli are attached at the hip and are always on a mission.

  • Built with help

    To the editor:
    Our president has been sharply criticized for his statement, “You didn’t build that!” Although I might adamantly insist “I did,” I am persuaded of the facts that “I did not” without the help of others build anything.
    Educationally, others provided rudimentary knowledge that I used in what I built. Materially, others furnished parts of what I built. Elementally, the One provided everything I and the others used to build what I built.

  • Rethink park expenses

    To the editor:
    As usual, the Sunset Beach Park is all about money.
    Why not start small as you would a business? Start with walking trails and benches facing the water. Lots of people would like that.
    In time, when money is available, add something else. Then you would end up with what lots of people want without all the debt.
    June LeCount
    Sunset Beach

  • School thankful for support

    To the editor:
    The students and staff of Southport Christian School would like to thank the Southport Junior Woman’s Club for its incredible donation to our school. Their Vegas Night event raises money for the elementary schools in our area, and we are so appreciative to be part of this event.

  • Compassion abounds

    To the editor:
    I have recently found there are truly compassionate people in today’s world.
    Sunday, Nov. 11, my husband of 53 years passed away. He spent his last five days in the new Hospice Care Center at 955 Mercy Lane SE in Bolivia. They took excellent care of Tom and the family as well.
    From doctors to office workers to nurses to “Doe” the custodian, these people went above and beyond any job description. They take you into their hearts and prayers and give you one less thing to worry about.

  • Cub Scouts aid relief effort

    To the editor:
    I would like to recognize the service of Cub Scout Pack 0201 and its executive officer, Clay Stanley, for their support of a local grassroots effort to provide supplies for areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
    These young men collected nonperishable food items, delivered them to a collection point, and then helped organizers load the truck. For their efforts, the boys were rewarded with sweet treats from owners Cathy Cody and Anna Arrington of Turtle Crossing Cupcakes in Calabash, who spearheaded the relief effort.

  • Time to remove billboards

    To the editor:
    There are a number of billboards along U.S. 17 in Brunswick County, and one on N.C. 904, that were erected during the recent presidential election. The tenor of these signs is generally divisive and bitter.
    The country has voted, and whether or not we agree with the outcome, we must put the past aside and find a productive way to move forward. Leaving these signs in place deepens the disappointment of those who opposed the victor and stokes the indignation of those who supported the winning side.

  • Reader disgusted by sign display

    To the editor:
    In response to last week’s letter titled “Signs weren’t bigoted.”
    As a resident of Shallotte, my family and I have enjoyed the North Carolina Oyster Festival for years.
    This year, however, as we approached the entrance to the festival, it was impossible to ignore the Republican display. It was adorned with ape-like pictures of President Obama with the usual bumper sticker slogans.

  • Park statement laughable

    To the editor:
    Ref: Sunset Park in Towns section of latest Beacon.
    I just finished reading the latest edition of the Beacon. I must admit I had to read the article about the Sunset Beach park three times to believe what I was reading.
    It is well known that Mayor Rich Cerrato has opposed the park from its inception. His statement, “keeping the area as green as possible, because we don’t know what the use of this facility is going to be. Every time I drive by, I don’t see anyone in there,” is laughable.