• Seniority outweighs newbie

    To the editor:
    Amid all the pre-election screeching, if we could let common sense enter for just a brief moment, let’s take a look at U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre and his 16 years in the House of Representatives, and Sen. David Rouzer, who hopes to become a freshman representative.
    To use an education metaphor, McIntyre has his master’s and is working on his doctorate, while Rouzer would be, well, a freshman.

  • Park costs on right path

    To the editor:
    When I returned home last week, I was surprised to find Mr. Satterfield’s letter concerning the town’s park and the old hack about its early estimated cost (a ballpark number for planning purposes only based on a concept plan) of $1.2 million.

  • McIntyre’s the one

    To the editor:
    Which congressman knows us and has represented our interest well every year, not just election year?
    Don’t forget who was instrumental in getting VA medical clinics in Supply and Wilmington. No more drives to Fayetteville.
    Don’t forget who has established local constituent services offices to provide direct access to our representative. If you have an issue, this is your local interface.
    Don’t forget who understands our local economy and is supportive to beach, tourism and other local issues.

  • Stand up for beliefs

    To the editor:
    The Democratic Party leadership is not friendly to Christians. It is by now common knowledge throughout North Carolina that “welcome baskets” sent by some Christian churches in Charlotte to delegates were rejected by party leadership. Their reason was the values of the churches concerning abortion were diametrically opposed to the values of the Democratic Party.

  • A clear choice

    To the editor:
    I voted on the first day of early voting. I’ve waited for four years to pull that lever to remove Obama from office, and it sure felt good.
    And I stood next to a Democrat who told the reporter, “I’m a Democrat, and I’m voting for Romney.”

  • Support BFA to help others

    To the editor:
    Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) is dedicated to improving the lives of our neighbors in Brunswick County who are willing to help themselves by providing emergency assistance.
    We envision a community where all people have access to an adequate and nutritious supply of food and sufficient resources to sustain themselves. BFA is the only county organization devoted exclusively to aiding the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and the working poor.

  • Keep on trucking forward

    To the editor:
    Another Bain company is closing, jobs going to China. Employees have begged Mr. Romney to denounce this, to put his mouth where his money is. He refused, citing his “blind trust.”
    Sensata made $500 million profit last year, paying employees $17 an hour. China employees will be paid 99-cents an hour. More than 170 U.S. employees will be tossed aside like garbage after decades of hard work that produced results.
    Meanwhile, Romney stands before a podium blathering about good-paying jobs in the U.S. and getting tough on China.

  • Park will enhance Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    A place to relax, to contemplate nature, watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee, read a book, stroll the walking paths, while away the time while swinging on an adult swing or sitting on a bench by the water after a great dinner—that’s what I think of when I think about the possibilities for the proposed Sunset Beach Town Park.
    I believe the proposed park is a payoff for our area economically and in terms of resident and visitor satisfaction. The park adds another dimension to the Sunset Beach experience.

  • Voting for McIntyre

    To the editor:
    I’m a progressive. I don’t always align with Congressman Mike McIntyre on every single vote, but I’ll be supporting him for re-election because he’s committed to producing results for the communities of eastern North Carolina.
    If you’re new to Brunswick County, just ask around and you’ll find out why Congressman McIntyre has broad bi-partisan support.

  • Batter strikes out

    To the editor:
    The fastball came barreling in at an unexpected speed, well in excess of 90 mph.
    To the batter it had the appearance of an aspirin. He hadn’t seen anything like this before. Belt high and straight down the middle, the pitch whizzed past him with such acceleration that only the “vrapp” sound of impact with the catcher’s mitt brought the batter to look for it.
    From that day to this and beyond, the fastball would be known as “Benghazi.”