• Watch Mitt flip

    To the editor:
    President Obama’s campaign slogan of Hope and Change in 2008 might well apply to the Romney campaign. They “hope” voters will forget all the “change” Mitt Romney has made to his promises and pronouncements while vying for the presidency. A small sample of pivots Romney made for political expediency:
    1. Abortion: He was for it before he was against it. Now, apparently he’s for it again.
    2. Healthcare: Vowing to repeal Obamacare the first day of his presidency, he would now retain key provisions of the plan.

  • Good event to aid animals

    To the editor:
    What a fantastic day for a local charity event in Brunswick County. Paws-Ability’s second annual Bicycle Poker Run was Sunday afternoon [Oct. 7] at the Ocean Isle Inn on Ocean Isle Beach.
    Sponsors and volunteers hosted a sold-out, family-friendly event that will provide funds for local rescue groups, shelters and animal-related programs that affect Brunswick County.
    When government and private sector work together, positive change is possible, with no additional cost to the taxpayer.

  • Reject proposed insurance hike

    To the editor:
    An open letter to Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, N.C. Commissioner of Insurance:
    I am a resident of, and property owner in, Sunset Beach. I have learned the N.C. Rate Bureau has filed a proposed rate increase of 30 percent for homeowners in the 18 coastal counties covered by the NCIUA Beach Plan.
    I urge you to reject this increase. Rather than being the fact-based request required by law, it is a negotiating ploy to make a lesser increase more palatable by comparison.

  • Stop partisanship

    To the editor:
    The politicians in Washington, D.C., would have us believe we are looking to them for moral leadership. I say we are looking to them to do their job with integrity and pride in what they do.
    All this bickering and investigation of each other is plainly wearing thin. As soon as they get into office, they are led by partisan politics and start attacking each other.

  • Supports McIntyre

    To the editor:
    I’m a 70-year-old retired Vietnam veteran. As a registered independent, I vote for individuals who are committed to doing what’s best for our district, our country and the veterans’ community, regardless of their party affiliation. That’s the same criteria I’m using to decide between David Rouzer and Mike McIntyre for Congress.

  • Homeless still need help

    To the editor:
    After talking with individuals, agencies and county officials concerning poverty and homeless issues in Brunswick County, I am shocked at the feedback.
    Since Brunswick County doesn’t have a homeless shelter, the popular suggestion is to take them to Wilmington. Since January, Brunswick County Streetreach (BCSTR) has relocated 118 homeless to other counties.

  • Freedom to vote across party lines

    To the editor:
    We are nearing the end of the political campaigns that will determine the fundamental direction for the future of our county. Some call this the “silly season.” I call it the most serious of seasons.
    Recently, more than one person has informed me Democrats in the area are being told because they are registered Democrats, their only choice is to vote for all Democrat candidates. The implication being that legally, they are not able to vote for Republicans because of their party affiliation.

  • Voting for McIntyre

    To the editor:
    I am shocked that David Rouzer thinks he can be elected simply by having a new district drawn for himself.
    As many of us know, the 7th Congressional District was gerrymandered by our state legislators, including David Rouzer, so it now includes Rouzer’s home county (Johnston) and excludes the majority of Mike McIntyre’s home county (Robeson) in a blatant effort to unseat the incumbent.

  • Education could be better

    To the editor:
    Braniff, a 14-year-old schoolboy living in a comfortable home and enjoying the multiplicities of youth, is happy and could care less about the costs of universal healthcare or national debt crises. He is American.
    Braniff has no political ideology, no taxes to pay and certainly has no opinion about immigration or Social Security. His main concern is his wardrobe, his friends, their video games and his sports agenda.

  • Speak out against proposed insurance rate hike

    Brunswick County may be poised to take another hit in an already difficult economy.
    Recently, we learned our unemployment rate remained higher than 10 percent. We anticipate that number will remain near the same—or possibly increase—now that our busy tourist season is over.