• Thanks, Beacon, for help with program

    To the editor:
    Last year, AARP Tax-Aide volunteers helped more than 180 people in Oak Island prepare and electronically file their federal and state income tax returns. This year, with your help, we hope to increase the number of people we help in Oak Island, but we need more volunteer tax counselors.
    The Brunswick Beacon has been a most effective way to inform people of this free service and find qualified volunteers. We thank The Brunswick Beacon editor and staff for its help in past years, and it is much appreciated.

  • Signs are offensive

    To the editor:
    This election season represents new lows in American citizenry, if not civility, from those plastering the Oysterfest cross-street with hate-provoking signs that ridiculed President Obama while underscoring Mitt Romney’s true beliefs: “Are you a Maker 53 percent or a Taker 47 percent,” “I’ll take the Mormon over the Moron” and “Vote for the American in November” and “When someone doesn’t do their job, we have to let them go...Clint Eastwood.”

  • Opposes insurance increase

    To the editor:
    The proposed rate hike of 30 percent on homeowners insurance is outrageous and an attempt to intimidate and coerce coastal residents.
    There has already been a large increase in 2008, and a 7-9 percent increase each year. The rate in Mecklenburg is considerably lower than that proposed for coastal residents. Why is that? We are already paying $416 quarterly for wind insurance. No other state charges disproportionate rates. What is the justification?

  • Mike is a moderate

    To the editor:
    David Rouzer’s campaign has spent millions of dollars trying to convince voters in our district that Congressman Mike McIntyre toes the party line. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Friends, don’t let yourselves be bought. Get the facts about McIntyre’s bipartisan voting record.

  • Seeking blessings

    To the editor:
    Eleven years ago, we lost nearly 3,000 people during 9/11.
    Our Congress (whose lives were no doubt saved by the courageous people on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania) stood on the Capitol steps and sang, “God Bless America.”
    Were they Democrats, Republicans or independent? No, they were American. Can we be that again?

  • Likes Mike

    To the editor:
    As moms, we dream of giving our children the very best, and I know Mike McIntyre shares that dream as well. We wish for them a life anchored by faith and family, and lighted by hopes and dreams for the future.
    Mike McIntyre is a public servant who will work to preserve our Christian family values and to ensure our children will have the education they need. His work in Congress is proof of his commitment to these priorities.

  • Loss of a neighbor at the beach

    To the editor:
    My family and I bought a home in Ocean Isle Beach in 2000 after leaving North Myrtle Beach, S.C., for a more family and quiet atmosphere.
    The home we purchased, on Scotland Street, could not have been more of a picture-perfect fit with year-round residents like Bud and Katie Wallace to our left. They have not only been neighbors, but have become good friends and have helped my family build fond memories of the beach during the last 12 years.

  • Going for a spin?

    To the editor:
    Is this spin or just lies?
    Obama avoids question on requests for help in Libya, and four Americans die.
    Obama ad uses children to sing that Romney will let people “just die and kill polar bears.”
    This just smells of desperation.
    John Battaglia

  • Watch for trick-or-treaters next week

    Throughout Brunswick County people are gearing up for next week’s night of tricks and treats.
    In anticipation of next Wednesday’s Halloween activities, many people both old and young are finalizing plans for their Halloween costumes. Jack-o-lanterns are being carved and in many homes spooky decorations have been hung.
    As you prepare for the night of fun, it’s a good time to focus on safety.

  • Beacon kudos

    To the editor:
    My husband and I would like to congratulate you all on an awesome job with The Brunswick Beacon. We enjoy reading it every week.
    We learn more of what is going on in Brunswick County from The Brunswick Beacon than from any other news media. We especially cannot believe the great pictures on the sports pages. The photographer(s) should be commended on the fabulous pictures. We have been to quite a few places and we have never seen pictures like those in the Beacon’s sports section. Kudos!