• Loss of a neighbor at the beach

    To the editor:
    My family and I bought a home in Ocean Isle Beach in 2000 after leaving North Myrtle Beach, S.C., for a more family and quiet atmosphere.
    The home we purchased, on Scotland Street, could not have been more of a picture-perfect fit with year-round residents like Bud and Katie Wallace to our left. They have not only been neighbors, but have become good friends and have helped my family build fond memories of the beach during the last 12 years.

  • Going for a spin?

    To the editor:
    Is this spin or just lies?
    Obama avoids question on requests for help in Libya, and four Americans die.
    Obama ad uses children to sing that Romney will let people “just die and kill polar bears.”
    This just smells of desperation.
    John Battaglia

  • Watch for trick-or-treaters next week

    Throughout Brunswick County people are gearing up for next week’s night of tricks and treats.
    In anticipation of next Wednesday’s Halloween activities, many people both old and young are finalizing plans for their Halloween costumes. Jack-o-lanterns are being carved and in many homes spooky decorations have been hung.
    As you prepare for the night of fun, it’s a good time to focus on safety.

  • Beacon kudos

    To the editor:
    My husband and I would like to congratulate you all on an awesome job with The Brunswick Beacon. We enjoy reading it every week.
    We learn more of what is going on in Brunswick County from The Brunswick Beacon than from any other news media. We especially cannot believe the great pictures on the sports pages. The photographer(s) should be commended on the fabulous pictures. We have been to quite a few places and we have never seen pictures like those in the Beacon’s sports section. Kudos!

  • Seniority outweighs newbie

    To the editor:
    Amid all the pre-election screeching, if we could let common sense enter for just a brief moment, let’s take a look at U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre and his 16 years in the House of Representatives, and Sen. David Rouzer, who hopes to become a freshman representative.
    To use an education metaphor, McIntyre has his master’s and is working on his doctorate, while Rouzer would be, well, a freshman.

  • Park costs on right path

    To the editor:
    When I returned home last week, I was surprised to find Mr. Satterfield’s letter concerning the town’s park and the old hack about its early estimated cost (a ballpark number for planning purposes only based on a concept plan) of $1.2 million.

  • McIntyre’s the one

    To the editor:
    Which congressman knows us and has represented our interest well every year, not just election year?
    Don’t forget who was instrumental in getting VA medical clinics in Supply and Wilmington. No more drives to Fayetteville.
    Don’t forget who has established local constituent services offices to provide direct access to our representative. If you have an issue, this is your local interface.
    Don’t forget who understands our local economy and is supportive to beach, tourism and other local issues.

  • Stand up for beliefs

    To the editor:
    The Democratic Party leadership is not friendly to Christians. It is by now common knowledge throughout North Carolina that “welcome baskets” sent by some Christian churches in Charlotte to delegates were rejected by party leadership. Their reason was the values of the churches concerning abortion were diametrically opposed to the values of the Democratic Party.

  • A clear choice

    To the editor:
    I voted on the first day of early voting. I’ve waited for four years to pull that lever to remove Obama from office, and it sure felt good.
    And I stood next to a Democrat who told the reporter, “I’m a Democrat, and I’m voting for Romney.”

  • Support BFA to help others

    To the editor:
    Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) is dedicated to improving the lives of our neighbors in Brunswick County who are willing to help themselves by providing emergency assistance.
    We envision a community where all people have access to an adequate and nutritious supply of food and sufficient resources to sustain themselves. BFA is the only county organization devoted exclusively to aiding the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and the working poor.