• Keep on trucking forward

    To the editor:
    Another Bain company is closing, jobs going to China. Employees have begged Mr. Romney to denounce this, to put his mouth where his money is. He refused, citing his “blind trust.”
    Sensata made $500 million profit last year, paying employees $17 an hour. China employees will be paid 99-cents an hour. More than 170 U.S. employees will be tossed aside like garbage after decades of hard work that produced results.
    Meanwhile, Romney stands before a podium blathering about good-paying jobs in the U.S. and getting tough on China.

  • Park will enhance Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    A place to relax, to contemplate nature, watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee, read a book, stroll the walking paths, while away the time while swinging on an adult swing or sitting on a bench by the water after a great dinner—that’s what I think of when I think about the possibilities for the proposed Sunset Beach Town Park.
    I believe the proposed park is a payoff for our area economically and in terms of resident and visitor satisfaction. The park adds another dimension to the Sunset Beach experience.

  • Voting for McIntyre

    To the editor:
    I’m a progressive. I don’t always align with Congressman Mike McIntyre on every single vote, but I’ll be supporting him for re-election because he’s committed to producing results for the communities of eastern North Carolina.
    If you’re new to Brunswick County, just ask around and you’ll find out why Congressman McIntyre has broad bi-partisan support.

  • Batter strikes out

    To the editor:
    The fastball came barreling in at an unexpected speed, well in excess of 90 mph.
    To the batter it had the appearance of an aspirin. He hadn’t seen anything like this before. Belt high and straight down the middle, the pitch whizzed past him with such acceleration that only the “vrapp” sound of impact with the catcher’s mitt brought the batter to look for it.
    From that day to this and beyond, the fastball would be known as “Benghazi.”

  • Taxpayers have spoken

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach’s long and emotional park process, which has polarized our town, is coming to an end.
    Thanks to the taxpayers, town hall’s two-year marketing campaign to expend $1.4 million for an extravagant park was rejected.
    Taxpayer common and prudent business sense has prevailed. The taxpayers have requested to save the trees, maintain the site as a natural resource with walking trails, benches and a restroom—no amphitheater or outdoor performance center, which would have destroyed this delicate site.

  • It’s time to decide

    To the editor:
    One thing that continues to amaze, astound and even befuddle me is that the polls all say there is an “undecided” vote out here in the land. How is this possible?
    If you’re “undecided” at this date, you should stay at home Tuesday [Nov. 6}. Your franchise is too lame to be exercised.
    Ed Cabaniss
    Holden Beach

  • ‘Positively’ for McIntyre

    To the editor:
    Unless you’ve been in a hole the past several weeks, you’ve seen David Rouzer’s campaign air countless negative advertisements about U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre. In lieu of retaliating, I’d like to offer positive thoughts on my friend, Congressman Mike McIntyre.
    McIntyre’s awards and endorsements reflect his core values. He is endorsed by the NRA, National Right to Life Committee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.

  • Watch Mitt flip

    To the editor:
    President Obama’s campaign slogan of Hope and Change in 2008 might well apply to the Romney campaign. They “hope” voters will forget all the “change” Mitt Romney has made to his promises and pronouncements while vying for the presidency. A small sample of pivots Romney made for political expediency:
    1. Abortion: He was for it before he was against it. Now, apparently he’s for it again.
    2. Healthcare: Vowing to repeal Obamacare the first day of his presidency, he would now retain key provisions of the plan.

  • Good event to aid animals

    To the editor:
    What a fantastic day for a local charity event in Brunswick County. Paws-Ability’s second annual Bicycle Poker Run was Sunday afternoon [Oct. 7] at the Ocean Isle Inn on Ocean Isle Beach.
    Sponsors and volunteers hosted a sold-out, family-friendly event that will provide funds for local rescue groups, shelters and animal-related programs that affect Brunswick County.
    When government and private sector work together, positive change is possible, with no additional cost to the taxpayer.

  • Reject proposed insurance hike

    To the editor:
    An open letter to Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, N.C. Commissioner of Insurance:
    I am a resident of, and property owner in, Sunset Beach. I have learned the N.C. Rate Bureau has filed a proposed rate increase of 30 percent for homeowners in the 18 coastal counties covered by the NCIUA Beach Plan.
    I urge you to reject this increase. Rather than being the fact-based request required by law, it is a negotiating ploy to make a lesser increase more palatable by comparison.