• Immigration reform still needed

    To the editor:
    President Barack Obama promised in 2008 comprehensive immigration reform in four years. He has failed to deliver in spite of having control of congress. He has also failed the second part—to secure our southern border.
    I am tired of seeing those here illegally on welfare, drawing Social Security benefits, in-state tuition and his pandering to this group for votes when these non-citizens are not allowed to vote.
    I am tired of President Obama’s campaign of dividing America into groups and pitting them against each other.

  • Preserve, don’t pave park

    To the editor:
    “Nothing becomes rarer with time faster than undeveloped spaces. Humans have a tendency to push down mountains, cut down trees, fill in wetlands…and put down huge amounts of concrete or asphalt. Goodbye forever to those natural spaces.”
    When I said this at a recent Sunset Beach council meeting, speaking in favor of the park purchase, my hope and belief was purchasing the park site would preserve the land and its trees in their natural state.

  • ‘Patriotic’ billboards

    To the editor:
    The appearance of so-called “patriotic” hate billboards along our highways have been a disgrace to basic human values. I am especially disgusted by the rationalization and justification of those billboards such as the letter by Brad Bullerdick on Sept. 20. Bigotry is bigotry even when you dress it up as patriotism and wrap it up in an American flag.
    Vince Juric

  • We can’t afford four more years

    To the editor:
    While you decide which presidential candidate to vote for, consider what another four years of Obama would be like, given that:
    1. Twenty-three million Americans are out of work, including a black/Hispanic unemployment rate of 14 percent.
    2. There has been a 50 percent increase in the debt to $16 trillion in just three-and-a-half years, and no idea how to do anything differently in the next four years.

  • Signs of concern

    To the editor:
    I have seen the signs along U.S.17 and N.C. 904 that compare President Barack Obama to a terrorist and one that said President Obama is a threat to America.
    I also see this as a serious undermining of the U.S. government and its civil rights, using these types of lies and false statements. This type of propaganda is what causes hate and division in a nation that is strong on doing the right thing toward its people and making this a better place to live.

  • Look at ‘big government’ history

    To the editor:
    The charge of big government and socialism has raised fears that we are on a dangerous path.
    Is the danger real or is our perspective of history faulty? Certainly, they did not have these issues in early America, but in 1775, the city of Boston faced a financial crisis due to what cause? Answer: Operating their poorhouse.
    Who was the president who sent 10,000 troops to enforce an unpopular tax he enacted? George Washington.

  • BCTA offers many tennis activities

    There has been plenty of activity for all BCTA members throughout the summer. And now, the fall promises to be another  busy season.
    BCTA Senior Tennis 2012 continues with support by players ages 55 and older. Senior Tennis is not a league and it is not a ladder. There is tennis among compatible foursomes at many courts throughout the county.

  • Elderly customers should beware

    To the editor:
    Elder abuse does not always include physical mistreatment. In some instances, elderly citizens are taken advantage of by businesses that consider them fair prey.
    I am a lifelong resident of Southport. Having lived in a community where I know most people, I feel a sense of loyalty to hometown businesses. Supporting our local businesses is important for our local economy.

  • Endorses Justice Newby

    To the editor:
    If you want to see a more conservative North Carolina that upholds the rule of law and doesn’t legislate from the bench or engage in judicial activism, vote to re-elect Judge Paul Newby for the North Carolina Supreme Court.
    I have personally met Justice Newby, and I was impressed with his candor. I found him to be pragmatic and open and with a sound grasp of the severity of the issues facing our state and nation.

  • There goes the debt again

    To the editor:
    President Barack Obama raided Medicare of $700 million to finance Obamacare. He invested in Solyndra (with our money) even though his advisers told him not to. They went bankrupt and lost our money.
    He insulted our greatest ally (Israel) in the Mideast. He whispered to Putin (when he thought the microphone was off) to bear with him until after the election. He would then be free to do what he wanted.