• Support the marriage amendment

    To the editor:
    In response to Mr. John Saxton’s letter in the April 12 issue of The Beacon, polygamy was sanctioned in the Old Testament to populate the earth. He was correct that Abraham and David had more than one wife, but they were not sinning.
    Since Mr. Saxton used the Bible to prove his point, I suggest he read the King James Version: Leviticus 20:13, which states: “If a man also lie with man-kind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

  • The bigger cost of terminal groins

    To the editor:
    With regard to the article on the $7 million cost of a terminal groin on Ocean Isle Beach: Unfortunately, there are documented continuing costs associated with the installation of groins which have caused downstream damage to beaches and properties along the North Carolina coast; such as those at Atlantic Beach–Fort Macon and Pea Island, both touted as success stories by Mayor D. Smith in “News Breakers” (Volume 1, Number 1).

  • Do unto others

    To the editor:
    Define marriage, you say?
    Let’s say that only 5 percent of North Carolinians are heterosexual, and that homosexuals are the majority and have the political power to pass an amendment to the Constitution barring marriage between a man and a woman. Sir, you can’t marry the woman you love, or you, ma’am, can’t marry the man you love. We’d think that was unjust, and we’d be right.

  • Hypocrisy in Carolina Shores

    To the editor:
    At the Carolina Shores Arbor Day celebration, during which one holly tree was planted, the N.C. Forest Service gave an award to the town for its commitment to planting and caring for trees.
    I am shocked an award was given to a town ready to slaughter trees.
    Allegedly, the Carolina Shores golf course claims many of the trees identified for cutting will be diseased and it will grind up their tops and spread them on the ground for mulch. If so, that will spread infestation to remaining trees.

  • It’s not about where you’re born

    To the editor:
    David Rouzer believes being a native North Carolinian makes him more qualified to represent the 7th Congressional District. He begins an ad standing next to a sign, “Made in North Carolina, For North Carolina.”
    As a veteran who was not “Made in North Carolina,” but chose to make North Carolina home, I am disturbed. Am I not for North Carolina?
    This is 2012, and we are a mobile society. Many people relocate to other states because of the military, a job or family.

  • Seniors need good centers

    To the editor:
    I slept good last night and woke up this morning with my eyes still closed. Finally, I got them pried open; then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I passed 88 years several months ago and I am still going.
    I tell my friends I’m doing fine
    Slipping a little but getting further behind
    Had some money set aside
    Gasoline took it all for a ride
    Beyond that I’m doing fine.

  • Vote in support of Marriage Amendment One

    To the editor:
    As I listen to the news, read the papers and talk with folks on the street, I realize there continues to be confusion and uncertainty about how to vote one’s convictions (whatever they may be) concerning the marriage amendment. Here are several things to consider:
    1. The following phraseology, approved by the General Assembly, is what will appear on the ballot: “Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

  • Don’t be biased, elect who’s best

    To the editor:
    The next president has a major job to save the republic, the economy and to see that our national security is the best it can be. The next four years will be the most important period of our country.

  • Watch where you’re going, Carolina Shores

    To the editor:
    I read the complimentary article by the mayor of Carolina Shores on the coverage of the Arbor Day celebration at our town. I am sure Laura Lewis is aware of the meaning of Arbor Day, but a little history would not hurt.

  • Who are we to define perfect?

    To the editor:
    If North Carolina passes Amendment One and defines marriage as one man and one woman, we will be making a strong statement that we view homosexuality and polygamy as bad, not just in our state, but anywhere and everywhere they exist.