• People are tired of the rhetoric

    To the editor:
    I am proud to see all the new billboards urging Americans to wake up to the growing threat to our liberties. These billboards demonstrate the growing awareness and disapproval of ordinary people to the policies, actions and direction our current president and his administration are pursuing.
    People are fed up with all the promises, divisive rhetoric, political correctness, bureaucracy, false claims and no results. For example: “Pass my stimulus bill and unemployment will drop to 5 percent.”

  • Billboard needs rewording

    To the editor:
    The Navy Seal sign on U.S. 17 should read: “The Navy Seals removed the No. 2 threat to America.”
    Now we need to remove the No. 1 threat to America. Wake up, America, get your head out of the sand and look at the facts. Vote for the American in November.
    Jack Rosenblatt
    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Convention reflects ‘transformation’

    To the editor:
    What more proof do you need that the Democrats and their leader President Obama want to “fundamentally transform” America?
    At their convention in Charlotte last week, they removed the last reference of God from the party platform and removed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    They received such public flack they forced it back in the next day with a fraudulent voice vote.

  • Get facts straight, Mr. Mayor

    To the editor:
    Recently, I had the displeasure of again watching Mayor Rich Cerrato rail against Sunset Beach Park.
    Boy, is that getting old! Let me be clear. While I love the idea of a park, I opposed the price so I signed the petition, which was never presented to town council. But the mayor continues to ignore facts while he rants.
    What a shame a Wilmington TV station never bothers to get “the other side of the story” but blithely gives Cerrato airtime.

  • Puppy-mill problems trump profits

    To the editor:
    Our state has a problem. It is a problem that constituents in this state want you to solve: puppy mills.
    Our state does not have a law to crack down on these operations, but we need one. This year, there have been more puppy mill raids in North Carolina than any other state in the country.
    It is time for lawmakers to pass legislation that requires inspections of commercial dog breeding facilities and basic standards of care.

  • Cat colonies questionable

    To the editor:
    I question the wisdom of establishing colonies of feral cats on Holden Beach.
    It is proposed to vaccinate these animals against rabies before releasing them in the wild. The first rabies vaccine a cat receives is effective for one year; subsequent vaccines for rabies are effective for three years.

  • Two horse soldiers still in the race

    To the editor:
    I loved Laura Lewis’ story in [the Aug. 23] Beacon on boats and, of course, Weston Varnam.
    Early on the morning of Jan. 7, 1941, five young men met in front of R.D. White’s place in Shallotte. One was my first cousin; the other three I had never heard of until that day. One of them was Weston Varnam.
    We went from Shallotte straight to Fort Jackson. That same day, we all joined the U.S. Army except one, because of his hearing. He was sent back home.

  • Who’s promoting Sunset Beach?

    To the editor:
    Councilwoman Karen Joseph has been critical of the mayor (of Sunset Beach) for not promoting how wonderful Sunset Beach is. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that God, nature and caring citizens created Sunset Beach.

  • Beach is becoming unfriendly for bikes

    To the editor:
    I have a seasonal vacation home in Holden Beach and we love to ride our bicycles, however, the friendly family beach is becoming the not-so-friendly family beach.
    What is the matter with people who do not understand that bicycles have the right of traveling on the highway? We were almost blown off the road by a fishing rig that raced closely by us with screeching tires Labor Day weekend. They can wait two hours for a fish to bite; however, they do not have the patience to wait two minutes to ensure safety when passing bicycles.

  • Puppy mills and feral cats

    To the editor:
    There were articles in the Beacon recently about a puppy mill case. One mentioned new laws for breeders to stop puppy mills. The other article was about the outcome of this recent case.
    What did they get for so many counts of animal abuse? A fine and probation. Not much of a message being sent to others in the business. Let’s not make new laws until we start enforcing current laws on animal abuse and cruelty.