• Weigh presidential options

    To the editor:
    After Nov. 6 this year, things will either get better for our country, or things will get worse for our country.
    One candidate for the presidency has a record for making things better, and the other has a record for making things worse.
    John A. Donnelly
    Carolina Shores

  • Rights are at stake

    To the editor:
    On a Friday a few weeks ago when all those in favor of staying within the law of the traditional family were urged to support Chick-fil-A, a pro-family organization under fire, my family in Philadelphia stood in a line that wrapped around one Chick-fil-A twice.
    The line was orderly, polite, upbeat and slow. More than once, comments were overheard that were not at all anti-gay marriage, but which were very anti-suppression of freedom of speech.
    Think about this:

  • ‘Looking back’ is a good series

    To the editor:
    As a history buff, I have been reading your series “Looking Back” articles, a very fitting way to celebrate the Beacon’s 50 years of service to the community and county.
    I re-read last week’s installment and failed to see a mention of Shallotte’s centennial celebration in 1999. The paper did an excellent job in 1998 of making folks aware of the upcoming celebration in February 1999. Also, there were many wonderful articles and spreads in 1999 before, during and after the celebration.

  • Coming full circle

    To the editor:
    Do you have a substance addiction you want deliverance from?
    I met a young man, 23 years old, who was homeless and addicted to heroin and cocaine. He had experienced many horrible things, including watching his father shoot his mother to death when he was 7. He indicated he later walked with the Lord but fell away. He said, “I want help.” I told him I would look for a place where he could get help.

  • Abortion is not a Christian value

    To the editor:
    There is good and there is evil in this world and in America. People who don’t know or don’t try to find out the difference, are either stupid or uninformed, take your pick.
    When you go to vote this November, you need to know what your candidate stands for. If you are thinking of voting for someone who is for partial-birth abortion, where the doctor actually kills the baby just before it comes out of the womb, then that is stupid and criminal and murder.

  • Protect the innocent

    To the editor:
    “Mommy, why didn’t you want me? Why did you let them tear me away from you? Mommy, I love you. Why didn’t you love me?”
    If the Bible is true and life begins at conception, these could be the words mothers will hear from their aborted babies in heaven.

  • ‘Appalling’ behavior in Calabash

    To the editor:
    I recently visited the wonderful town of Calabash. I attended the monthly town meeting—same old story, politics as usual.
    Some of the commissioners of certain committees are doing their jobs, while other commissioners are not. At the meeting, the ones not doing their jobs are wasting taxpayers’ money by attacking the ones who are working hard.
    This meeting consisted of mostly bantering and arguing.

  • Immigration reform still needed

    To the editor:
    President Barack Obama promised in 2008 comprehensive immigration reform in four years. He has failed to deliver in spite of having control of congress. He has also failed the second part—to secure our southern border.
    I am tired of seeing those here illegally on welfare, drawing Social Security benefits, in-state tuition and his pandering to this group for votes when these non-citizens are not allowed to vote.
    I am tired of President Obama’s campaign of dividing America into groups and pitting them against each other.

  • Preserve, don’t pave park

    To the editor:
    “Nothing becomes rarer with time faster than undeveloped spaces. Humans have a tendency to push down mountains, cut down trees, fill in wetlands…and put down huge amounts of concrete or asphalt. Goodbye forever to those natural spaces.”
    When I said this at a recent Sunset Beach council meeting, speaking in favor of the park purchase, my hope and belief was purchasing the park site would preserve the land and its trees in their natural state.

  • ‘Patriotic’ billboards

    To the editor:
    The appearance of so-called “patriotic” hate billboards along our highways have been a disgrace to basic human values. I am especially disgusted by the rationalization and justification of those billboards such as the letter by Brad Bullerdick on Sept. 20. Bigotry is bigotry even when you dress it up as patriotism and wrap it up in an American flag.
    Vince Juric