• I like Mike

    To the editor:
    Although I have known Mike Williams for several years as a loyal and hard-working member at Seaside United Methodist Church, I recently had an opportunity to hear him speak in a small group setting in my community and I have to say, “I Like Mike!”
    The one thing that impressed me the most was his positive outlook for what he has to offer the citizens of Sunset Beach. This was most refreshing in this age of negative politics, when many only offer “what is wrong with local government” and offer very little in the way of solutions.

  • Supports Przywara

    To the editor:
    Joseph Przywara is a candidate for commissioner in Carolina Shores, a position he has had for the past four years.
    Joe never appears threatened by questions relating to issues in the town and is always willing to offer an answer or explanation. He is knowledgeable and if he does not know an answer, he will always get back to you with the desired information. In matters relating to money, he has shown that he is fiscally responsible.

  • Board listens

    To the editor:
    In last week’s letters to the editor section, a letter apparently in support of Tom Puls and Gere Dale, Bob Morris requested residents remember the culvert fiasco by stating: “Have we forgotten the ‘culvert’ fiasco? Yes, elderly folks with shovels hand-digging in muddy ditches and peering into dark holes hoping the elected ones would not impose fines. Well, not knowing what to do, they gave us something to do.”

  • Taxpayer group protects itself

    To the editor:
    Our family vacationed here for several years before building a house on Sunset Beach mainland. We moved here almost 20 years ago.
    Although it may have been quaint and picturesque, the pontoon bridge was inconvenient and a hazard in an emergency. We looked forward to the new bridge, only to have it thwarted time and again by the Sunset Beach Taxpayers Association trying to protect its interests. They forced delays with lawsuits and wanted to ban or restrict parking for day visitors to the island.

  • Get involved

    To the editor:
    In last week’s Beacon, Marge Dale said, “The Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores (CCCS) unitedly have pushed this park.”
    This is untrue. CCCS has never taken a position regarding the park.
    CCCS was formed in 2009 by 98 residents of Carolina Shores who were disgusted with tactics of the board of commissioners.
    What had been competent governance had become bullying by certain commissioners.

  • Disappointed with festival entertainment

    To the editor:
    The 31st Annual Oyster Festival was blessed with perfect weather, a great turnout and a better layout than past years.
    Having said that, the entertainment was disappointing. Sea Cruz was great, but things went downhill from there.
    The audio mix for Coastline was atrocious. They started an hour late and played only an hour. Then the mystery began. We thought a band was supposed to play right after Coastline, but after another hour of downtime, a bluegrass band that had a bad mix played 15 minutes. More downtime; then Josh Kelly.

  • Vote for Tom Puls for mayor

    To the editor:
    In 2008 I volunteered to serve on the Carolina Shores Planning and Zoning Board. In January 2010 I was asked to serve as chairman of the board.
    Numerous times we were complimented for the work we had accomplished. During that time no one from the town’s staff or any board of commissioners member made any derogatory comments about us not doing our job.

  • Remember value of Election Day

    To the editor:
    There is a group in our community named Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores. They have political rallies, vote and may determine who our elected officials will be unless we decide for ourselves.
    Most came here to retire and enjoy the area. Some decided to run for office. Why not? Once elected, they knew they had to do something. That’s where we entered the picture.

  • Send comments about Carolina Shores roads

    To the editor:
    Thank you, Carolina Shores residents.
    A month ago in a letter to the editor, I asked you to let me know if you were for or against building a park, gazebo, serenity garden or events center. The results are at http://carolinashores.info.
    Thanks to the 207 residents who opposed the “park,” the board of commissioners tabled it. That morning the town received an estimate for construction of $303,000—sealing the deal.
    Most of you said that first the town should fix potholes and repave streets.

  • Will vote for Rich Cerrato

    To the editor:
    I’m voting for Rich...Cerrato, that is. He is extremely qualified to be the mayor of Sunset Beach. He is intelligent, motivated, energetic, knowledgeable, and above all, can and will do a great job.
    Probably his greatest attribute is he “listens.” The current council and mayor do not and have not listened to the people as to what they want in their government. This is the same thing that’s happening in Washington.