• Use ‘duck’ deductive to elect town council members

    Editor’s note: The writer is seeking election to Sunset Beach Town Council in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

    To the editor:

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. That is exactly how I feel about the three big issues facing Sunset Beach voters Nov. 7.

  • Vote for the candidates who care about town of Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    I had the privilege of attending the meet-and-greet candidate night at Sandpiper Bay on Oct. 25. Although all five candidates were invited to attend, only three did: incumbent John Corbett, Charlie Nern and Wilson Sherrill. They were all very knowledgeable about the important issues facing our town, care deeply about preserving the beauty of Sunset Beach and have long-range visions for our town, which make so much sense. All three are willing to work very hard to keep our town a wonderful place to live.

  • Bring civility back to Sunset Beach council

    Editor’s note: The “confidential memo” noted was about a new town policy and, therefore, public record, North Carolina Press Association lawyer Amanda Martin confirmed. The source of the memo was identified in the Beacon’s subsequent report which was about the policy, not this writer’s conduct.

    To the editor:

  • What has Cerrato accomplished?

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Town Councilman Rich Cerrato, I have good news and bad news for you.

    The good news is I have read your latest edition of your newsletter twice. The bad news? Not one positive remark. It’s hard to imagine things are this bad.

    You seem to have a love affair with the Beacon. What are your thoughts about the Beacon depicting our town in a comic? We have you to thank for that.

  • Vote Corbett, Nern, Sherrill for Sunset Beach Town Council

    To the editor:

    My vote in any election is important to me. I know that the people I elect will have a tremendous impact on my life.

    They will make decisions about my environment, my taxes, town employees, their salaries and benefits. They will make decisions about how my tax money is spent — or not.

  • Honor veterans with boycott of NFL games

    To the editor:

    In recent weeks, there has been conversation and discussion of the NFL player’s behavior for lack of respect for America’s national anthem and flag.

    I believe it is time for true Americans to realize what kind of Americans they really are. Think about Arlington, Normandy, Europe, Asia and all over the world where miles of crosses of American military who made the ultimate sacrifice for America and the rest of the world. Being an American isn’t a given right, it is an earned right.

  • Vote Harris for Sunset Beach Town Council

    To the editor:

    If you’re tired of all the vitriolic behavior on Sunset Beach Town Council, get out and vote for changes on council.

    In last week’s Beacon, Councilman John Corbett gave you the names he suggests for your votes, but you need to remember that Corbett was appointed by some of the very people who have been party to the antics on council. He was not elected by voters. A vote for the people he suggests will just perpetuate problems on council.

  • Thank you, Brunswick Beacon

    To the editor:

    I want to give a very special thank you to The Brunswick Beacon for advertising our card party at Ryan’s in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Oct. 24.

    The Beacon generously ran our announcement for many weeks. It is so nice living in this community with The Brunswick Beacon helping us celebrate all our local community events. Because of it, we were able to raise monies that we can, in turn, help support many local charities.

  • History offers context for ‘verify before trust’ advice

    To the editor:

    Verify before trust!

    A little history is in order to clarify this discovery. From 1955 until 1969, the backside of the Sunset Beach island was continuously modified. Canals were dug by the landowner and the dredged fill was used to build the peninsula of North Shore Drive. Feeder canals were dug so each lot would have water access.

    In June 2013, the General Assembly passed a bill allowing the town of Sunset Beach to impose a canal dredging and maintenance fee. The fund does not exist.

  • Town must get back to basics

    To the editor:

    To the citizens of Sunset Beach: I’ve had the honor of working on Sunset Beach Town Council for two years and have seen and heard all kinds of misinformation thrown about, but several of the letters to the editor in last week’s Beacon by current colleagues and candidates for town council misstate facts and offer innuendo that lead to character assassination, for lack of a better term.