• Editorial doesn’t match the facts

    To the editor:
    Huh? Your front-page story on the school district’s temporary plan to pay school bus drivers an incentive for perfect attendance clearly states that there is a shortage of qualified applicants and that only 10 percent of those become bus “professionals.” The article also mentions, “the limited number of substitutes and the short and low-paying routes,” yet your editorial launches into an attack on the work ethic of the very bus drivers who are in such short demand. Did your editorial writer read Caroline Curran’s article?

  • Give me that same deal

    To the editor:
    Recently, our county commissioners voted to give county employees a bonus of more than $1 million, including $1,000 for themselves.
    In this time of economic uncertainty can we really afford this? One year of service for health insurance to be fully funded? (Give me that deal.)
    It is no wonder why our property taxes were raised this past year. (My taxes went up by 12 percent but our assessed value went down by 22 percent.) When I questioned the increase, I never even got the courtesy of an email or a phone call.

  • Christmas is for Christians

    To the editor:
    Christmas is for Christians, thank you. And if that bothers some, the baptismal font is just to the right. And if it doesn’t, God bless you and may next year be much better for you than this one has been.
    John A. Donnelly
    Carolina Shores

  • Thanks to BFA

    To the editor:
    It was such a pleasure to have Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) staff share its Christmas spirit in the town of Sunset Beach.
    A special thanks to the staff of BFA and West Brunswick High School students who volunteered their time and energy for this worthy and special cause.
    This wonderful organization still needs our help to ensure our loving citizens in Brunswick County do not go without during this holiday season.

  • Let’s call it Gadfly Beach

    To the editor:
    In the Beacon last week, staff writer Laura Lewis characterizes the new mayor of Sunset Beach as a gadfly. Such characterizations are demeaning and give the reader the feeling the Beacon is not just giving the news, but is editorializing opinion to the public.
    In another time, this type of writing was known as yellow journalism. Please make some attempt to keep your opinions on the editorial page, where the reader can know it is just an opinion. After all, opinions are like noses. Everybody has one, and some are just plain ugly.

  • Paychecks should be incentives

    To the editor:
    Brunswick County Schools is going to reward bus drivers monetarily for coming to work. I believe I have heard it all. By offering this “bonus,” you indicate you are encouraging bus drivers to show up for work. Their paycheck should be their incentive.

  • A lump of coal for Christmas thief

    To the editor:
    To the person who stole my grandson’s Christmas decorations: The pelican had been in the family for many years, and each day our little grandson would go out and say hello to her and fix her Santa hat. The Santa decoration was his great-grandfather’s and will be sadly missed by future grandchildren.
    I do not hope you enjoy your stealings. Instead, I hope you get what you really deserve.
    No bad deed goes unpunished.
    Lori Tompkins

  • Protagonist takes the lead

    To the editor:
    Once again, Mr. Cerrato is the protagonist of the performance. Beacon readers have time and again read about his antics and skewed views but not about the good work of our town council and employees.

  • Thanks for returning purse

    To the editor:
    On Dec. 6, I went to Walmart in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., to purchase some groceries.
    I am small in stature and size and had to purchase heavy bags of dog food and birdseed. In the struggle to get them in my car, I accidentally left my purse behind.
    Unaware, I proceeded home; stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts only to discover my purse was gone. I backtracked to Walmart, went to the customer service desk to inquire—all to no avail.

  • Fletcher firing unjust

    To the editor:
    For the past six years I have been privileged to be associated with Jimmy Fletcher. He has selflessly given to the West Brunswick High School football program and has invested in our community’s young men.
    I have watched Jimmy take kids into his home who had no place to live due to unhealthy home environments. He has taken kids to restaurants after school and before practice because there was no food at home.
    Jimmy has been an advocate for kids, contacting schools on their behalf, helping them to obtain scholarships.