• Put beach safety first in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach needs to act immediately to ensure the safety of people on the beach.
    Occasionally, emergency vehicles cannot leave over one dune and have difficulty crossing another. Disabled people using golf carts are not assured safe passage over the dunes on those accesses.
    For 10 years, the town let mountains of sand build up over the wood ramps on the emergency accesses at the east end and near the gazebo. Usage is no longer guaranteed.

  • It’s time to move away from this shame

    To the editor:
    Come Nov. 6, the congressional cones of uncertainty and silence will change with vigor. The Chicago thugs will be out on their ears to include their well-documented intimidation techniques.

  • Curran will be missed

    To the editor:
    My husband and I were sorry to read about Caroline Curran leaving the Beacon for new ventures across the river; however, all good things must end and we certainly wish her well.
    Caroline is the most professional and thorough journalist I have ever known. We always read everything she writes. Caroline stands on her principles and freedom of information laws, which are her area of expertise.

  • Sunset Beach used to be civil

    To the editor:
    For nearly 50 years, the town of Sunset Beach has had a town government and staff. During that time, town officials worked together to achieve goals.
    Certainly there must have been differences of opinion among them. There were probably even some heated discussions, but in the end, a vote was taken, a decision was made, and people put their individual differences aside to work for the good of Sunset Beach. Town officials spoke positively of Sunset Beach and supported the staff’s efforts to implement council’s decisions and goals.

  • Revisiting gun safety

    To the editor:
    I agree with Mr. Norman Horne’s views in the Aug. 2 issue of the Beacon. I, too, was raised with cap pistols and BB guns, and my father took my brother and me into the field at an early age to instruct us on proper hunting, with safety foremost.

  • Who’s on third?

    To the editor:
    The July 26 article in the Beacon regarding bids for the former hospital and land was confusing to me, kind of like “Who’s on First?” by Abbott and Costello.
    Were there two bids or only one on the table when commissioners accepted the bid of Jacobs Real Estate on July 2?
    The bid by Crown Management actually seemed to be a real prospect for the property, including creating 250 new jobs, and last I checked, Brunswick County had one of the higher unemployment rates in the state and the state is lagging the nation.

  • Good job, Sunset Beach police

    To the editor:
    In his email to Police Chief Lisa Massey, Sunset Properties owner Ron Watts complained that the vehicle stops “ticked off folks” and went on to express his concern that “actions like this don’t help us to re-book them for next year.”
    On the news each day, we have been seeing the devastation of wildfires in many parts of the country, and are advised that more than 60 percent of the nation is under drought conditions (southeast North Carolina included).

  • Writer has Obama Derangement Syndrome

    To the editor:
    It seems staff writer Caroline Curran has Obama Derangement Syndrome.
    Her “Obama’s chicken and egg” column is full of distortions and misinformation. She never quotes Obama, but she puts her words in his mouth while fabricating a straw-man argument to mislead readers.
    Her assertion Obama is anti-business is false. Obama cut taxes for small businesses; rescued the American auto industry; introduced the American Jobs Act (blocked repeatedly by Republicans); and created more than 4 million private-sector jobs.

  • Where were code enforcement officers?

    To the editor:
    My husband and I have been residents of Sunset Beach for 15 years. This past week, we spent every day at our beautiful beach with family.
    I was very disappointed in the lack of presence of the code enforcement on the beach. In past years, you always saw them riding up and down all day and talking to many people.
    This week, it seems all they did was sit under the pier and talk to each other.

  • The burden is on Sunset Beach’s mayor

    To the editor:
    Your editorial regarding Sunset Beach Mayor Rich Cerrato was, to say the least, interesting.
    You advised him not to overstep his bounds, polish his approach and cease swinging at those around him. Your comments were accurate. But you ignore why council has taken the actions it has taken, even those reactive in nature.
    You’re talking about the man who started his relations with this community more than eight years ago by blocking traffic over the old bridge while handing out campaign literature. He criticized police for removing him.