• Local seniors, BSRI need your help

    To the editor:
    Brunswick Senior Resources Inc. would like to request help for our senior community. There are many ways to help us.
    While receiving monetary contributions is always appreciated, you can help by referring a family member or friend to lease space at our Southport Senior Center or Shallotte Senior Center for an event or gathering.
    Talking to an acquaintance about advertising in our BSRI newsletter or donating materials for our Ramps and Rails program also provides needed support.

  • Oops…where did my bike go?

    To the editor:
    My friend had a bike rack mounted on her SUV, so we rode our bikes from the Sunset Beach gazebo to the jetty. Things couldn’t have gone smoother until she dropped me off at home.
    Sandy, looking dumbfounded, asked, “Uh, Jack, where’s your bike?”
    That’s the problem with a Lexus…too quiet. We never heard a thing. Surely a bike falling to the pavement makes a racket?

  • Doesn’t like park process

    To the editor:
    Once again, Sunset Beach Town Council has avoided your input and failed to organize the suggested steering committee to develop the park survey.
    The “our way or the highway” process was rushed without review by full council. Two clearly defined questions submitted by Councilman Scott and I were deleted by the “inner circle” (Gary Parker, Karen Joseph, Lou DeVita) to prevent a clear and decisive choice.
    The omitted questions include:
    1. Do you wish to maintain the site as a natural resource?

  • Pet adoption touches the heart

    To the editor:
    I read with much enjoyment Rachel’s article on adopting a dog from the Brunswick County Animal Shelter. Our Decision Day was last August when my wife and I agreed to let our daughter get a dog.
    Before that I had it made—a lovely family with grandchildren and a great black Lab that lived just next door to us, which I could pet, give treats and play with.

  • Help kids go back to school

    Although we’re still deep into summer, you may have noticed stores are already stocking shelves with back-to-school supplies.
    Before long, kids will have to head inside and wash off the sand to go back to school.
    In a community like ours, there have always been families who need an extra hand, but with unemployment rates in double-digits, many may need more help than ever.
    While many social programs focus on giving during the holiday season, there is also a need this time of year.

  • Not proud of ongoing shenanigans

    To the editor:
    Our family has been enjoying Sunset Beach for 25 years and will celebrate our 19th anniversary as island homeowners this fall. We have followed developments concerning garbage cans this past year.
    When vacationers arrive on Saturday, the first order of business is to unload, set up their cottage and then probably go to the beach or grocery store. Rolling back empty garbage cans is probably not top priority, or a major crime, no matter what town council members think.

  • Take a closer look at trash issue

    To the editor:
    One can only read some of the coverage about the Sunset Beach Town Council meetings and get a chuckle.
    In the middle of a hot and busy summer, we thank you for that!
    It seems that one or two councilmen feel trash cans out on a Saturday afternoon on the island is an issue yet again.
    May we remind some of them of the following:
    1. Town citizens pay for a second trash pickup on Saturday during the season on the island. So those cans probably were processed within a few hours of this “unsightly” survey.

  • What happened to our towns?

    To the editor:
    What happened to our towns? Shallotte and Ocean Isle Beach are no longer a haven but a bust.
    We are losing our trees and much-needed forest for animals that have lives here, more than likely longer than the ones that are voting the cut down of their homes.

  • It’s a trashy conversation to have

    To the editor:
    Annually for three to four months we share Sunset Beach island with vacationers, who do much for the economy and financial security of business owners and their employees. Yes, there is a downside; however, the good far outweighs the bad.
    The town garbage ordinance clearly states garbage cans cannot be placed out before 2 p.m. the day prior to pickup and must be returned no later than 2 p.m. on the day after collection. Therefore, Councilwoman Karen Joseph, there may have been garbage cans outside occupied homes during your Saturday visit.

  • Thanks for return of lost wallet

    To the editor:
    My editor, why am I writing to you? It’s because I was on vacation on July 2 at Ocean Isle Beach.
    I went by BB&T at Ocean Isle Beach, and I went in and I left.
    On July 3 I was looking for my billfold and I didn’t have it. The bank was the last place I had it.
    On July 5 I went back to the bank and they had it. I want to thank Angie, Carolyn and Anna. Those three ladies took care of my billfold that I left in the bank.
    I just want people to know they took care of the people who do business with them.