• Town council epitomizes TIARTA

    To the editor:
    I have often wondered why, after being elected, intelligent citizens tend to lose their good judgment and do rather stupid things.
    The recent decision to fine residents and absentee homeowners for their inability to remove emptied trash containers from the roadway is a perfect example.
    Some of us can remember 20 years or so ago when trash was picked up from the house. It was a great service, but the town decided to eliminate this attractive service in favor of a rollaway container system.

  • Better ways to spend money

    To the editor:
    We read with interest the article where Mayor Selby of Carolina Shores stated that $5,500 has been budgeted for an architectural firm out of Wilmington to do preliminary work on a proposed events center (Brunswick Beacon, Sept.15).
    We submit that the $5,500 could have been used to repair more than a few potholes in the community’s roads. On our road, we have been looking at some of the same potholes for more than two years, and have several times been promised repairs.

  • Stop writing about Hewett

    To the editor:
    I am writing this in response to seeing Ronald Hewett on the front page of the paper last week.
    It appears to me that this paper jumps at the chance to print anything that accuses Ronald Hewett of anything at all. Why is this?
    I have known him and his family all of my life. He nor his family deserved the treatment or press coverage that he and they received when he was forced into federal custody for over a year. Enough is enough.
    Why not leave the man alone? He served his sentence and deserves to be left alone.

  • There is racism here

    To the editor:
    It is clear that you think that their [sic] is no racism in Brunswick County and it would be great if that was true, but when you live it as so many people have, it don’t go away by not paying attention to it or overlooking it.

  • Leave Hewett, family alone

    To the editor:
    Reading the story last week about Mr. Ron Hewett made me feel very sad for your fine newspaper.
    Anyone with some common sense can read between the lines and know it was nothing more than a personal vendetta from your paper against Mr. Hewett and his family.
    I met Mr. Hewett at church a few years ago, and it seemed he was a man who loved and cared about the people of this fine county. I recently bought a vehicle from him and those feelings were correct.

  • Retreat? Really?

    To the editor:
    Re: controversies regarding the movie “The Help”/head back North.
    The explanation “the attendees did it as applause to the people the characters represented?” Thank you for your enlightening interpretation to us all. May I retort and say “a perfect example of so-called, well-meaning people with no common sense!”
    To the woman that would like us “Northerners” to retreat: Really?
    Karyn Hart

  • Thanks for help

    To the editor:
    We want to express our sincere gratitude to the Sunset Beach Fire Department, Brunswick County EMS and the doctors, nurses and medical personnel in the ER at the former Brunswick Community Hospital.
    Also, to the helicopter crew that airlifted our son from Brunswick Community Hospital and the doctors and nurses in the ER at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, we are eternally grateful.

  • Take away shovels

    To the editor:
    In a speech President Obama gave on Jan. 7, he said, “We’ve got a big hole that we’re digging ourselves out of.” What? Have you tried to picture in your mind’s eye just what it was that he was talking about? Digging out of a hole? If a hole is a bad thing, you fill it in, right? More digging makes the hole bigger, I would think. At the very least, you stop digging! The hole won’t go away, granted, but it also won’t get any bigger or deeper.

  • Article didn’t reflect the whole story

    To the editor:
    I read with interest the article dated Sept. 14 in reference to Ronald Hewett being accused of threatening Mr. Miller.
    What is so concerning to me is the lack of investigation into this incident before this article was published. There is no mention as to how long Mr. Miller was gone and the amount of fuel consumed. Nor is it mentioned the prevarication Mr. Miller slung around to Mr. Hewett.

  • All we need is a simple place

    To the editor:
    This letter is in response to the two letters regarding a proposal before Carolina Shores Board commissioners for a town “park.” The original proposal was for a “town event facility,” where all citizens of the town could come together, perhaps for an Arbor Day event, a town picnic, or to listen to live music on summer evenings.