• No more silence on abortion

    To the editor:

    For most of my adult life, I have believed that abortion was wrong. That life begins at conception. Up to recently, my attitude has been that the pro-abortion people would have to face their maker at some point and suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Now, however, with the New York and Rhode Island decisions (laws) to allow abortions up to and including through the third trimester, I can no longer keep silent. Let’s face the truth: If you kill a human being that has a heartbeat, it is murder — plain and simple.

  • Sunset Beach projects cost many to serve few

    To the editor:

    After 15 years of paying my taxes into Sunset Beach, watching money being spent on projects orchestrated by a chosen few, being insulted for asking for maintenance to fix a pothole and now watching thousands of tax dollars funneled into an experiment called “Dredging of Jinks Creek,” where is the sanity?

    Councilman Cerrato should be embarrassed and insulted; escorted out of chambers for being disruptive was necessary. Mayor Pro Tem Benton should have shut down the meeting entirely and sent everyone to the parking lot.

  • Trump panders to minority base

    To the editor:

    President Trump continues to fail at running the government and serving the country.

    Last year’s tax cut bill failed to increase business investment and expand jobs. His economic policies are increasing the national debt and causing global economic slowdowns. Recently, more layoffs were announced in General Motors’ plants.

  • Revised Clean Water Act threatens wetlands

    To the editor:

    Since 1970, the Clean Water Act has protected our rights to clean water. Proposed legislation has the potential to remove protections from many of these waters. In the South, this would put access to clean drinking water at risk for 70 percent of the population.

  • Assimilation not working

    To the editor:

    Teddy (Altreuter), are you really that clueless?

    For your information we have immigration laws, ports of entry, processing centers and well-trained authorities to carry out this process.

    Wake up, read a book or two on the history of our country.

    My ancestors came to America to colonize and build a nation in the early 1700s. I don’t know about yours.

    I think they did a remarkable job. They didn’t come here for welfare like what’s pouring in now.

  • Democrats have already transformed

    I’m challenging any reader to intelligently prove my comments and facts below wrong without throwing out the “racist, bigot and misogynist” label.

    I was a JFK Democrat for 40 years, leaving the party in 2010 when it became a leftwing liberal progressive socialist America-hating party. Don’t believe they hate America?

  • Council culture needs to change

    I just read a letter to the editor titled “Backroom politics continue in Sunset Beach,” written by Rich Cerrato, and I can’t stop laughing.

    The last sentence in his article states the culture of town council will only change when the voters demand it, implying that Mr. Benton, Mr. Corbett and Mr. Nern are the problem. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  • Thanks not a prank

    To the editor:

    Old Crank Who God Did Thank

    Had grown up and I became an old crank;

    Every day must make sure that God thank;

    Me did assist;

    Cannot resist;

    On Him, He knows I will always bank.

    Jim Horn


  • Chaotic council can’t justify dredging costs

    To the editor:

    In just one year, we have had the town administrator fired, two mayors resigned, two accusations of workplace violence, accusations of council members having a conflict of interest and a council member escorted from a meeting in our Sunset Beach Town Council. It would appear we have a chaotic, dysfunctional town council!

  • Cerrato drama is an embarrassment

    To the editor:

    At a recent Sunset Beach Town Council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Benton requested a brief recess in order to have town councilman Rich Cerrato ejected for continuously interrupting council members.

    Mr. Benton has stated that he has found it necessary to gavel Mr. Cerrato on numerous occasions for being out of order and disrupting council proceedings.