• Duke reaps big dividends

    To the editor:

    Imagine you have $10,000 sitting idle in your bank account. You might invest it in the stock market where historic returns have averaged around 7 percent annually. Or you could trade that gas-guzzler in for a hybrid that will save you as much as $1,200 a year in fuel cost.

    How about upgrading your home appliances? Whatever you choose, you will likely get a reasonable return, but would you be able to turn that $10,000 into billions? Is it even possible?

  • Holden Beach appearance needs attention

    To the editor:

    I have had a seasonal residence in Holden Beach since 1998. It’s so sad that no improvements have been made to the area from Wings to the bridge. It’s a complete eyesore and needs attention for improvements and beautification.

    The area has so much potential — sidewalks, street lighting, benches and landscaping upgrades — to make it pedestrian-friendly. Also, a roundabout (traffic circle) is needed at the Wings location and also at the bottom of the bridge on the beach side to ensure a steady flow of traffic.

  • BFA appreciates food drive efforts

    To the editor: 

    Brunswick Family Assistance thanks all of the volunteers who came out to the post office in Sunset Beach on Saturday, May 11, to help with the food drive.

    Volunteers were driving the postal routes and assisting the carriers by collecting bagged food. They were also stationed at the post office to assist the carriers as they returned from their routes.

    The food will be used in BFA’s emergency food pantry at both the Leland and Shallotte locations.

  • Sunset Vision involvement not a conflict

    To the editor:

    At the May 6 Sunset Beach Town Council meeting, a presentation was given to the council on a proposed fitness trail that is being initiated and coordinated by the nonprofit group, Sunset Vision.

    This group has raised funds for previous projects to include the environmental sea turtle sculpture by the beach gazebo, the binoculars at the bird walk observation deck, bike racks and dog watering stations at the town park, etc. All projects benefit the town residents and its visitors.

  • Fair maps needed for fair elections

    To the editor:

    The U.S. Census requires states to redraw voting districts based on population numbers. In North Carolina, new maps are drawn by the party in power of the Legislature. Historically, both Democrats and Republicans have drawn the maps to benefit their own party’s chances of winning. This practice is gerrymandering.

  • Kudos for response regarding Rouzer

    To the editor:

    It is almost always a pleasure to read opinions from local readers but few reveal truths as offered by Tom Sapp’s column in the May 2 issue of the Beacon. I urge everyone to read his column, “Responding to Rep. Rouzer’s 100 days of Democrats.”

    It occurred to me the voters of the 7th District voted last November and now reap any reward or pain their choice has caused. In this case the voters are routinely subjected to untruths and exaggerations as evidenced by Rouzer’s column.

  • Hypocrisy reigns on in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Pro Tem Mayor Benton, lead spokesperson for councilmen Corbett and Nern, has requested that I should resign for exposing the town’s failure to self-report as indicated in the “No Conflict of Interest” certificate required for the dredging grant. The operative words are potential [for], appearance [of] and financial interest. This matter is now being questioned by the state.

  • Stop Trump’s attack on civil liberties

    To the editor:

    Similar to the way Sen. Joe McCarthy poisoned anyone who resisted his campaign against Communism in the 1960s, we can see Donald Trump is using the same playbook against his critics.

    Anyone who dares defend the civil liberties of immigrants, the free press or the ability of Congress to defend the U.S. Constitution suffers abusive attacks from Trump’s White House.

    During the McCarthy era, anyone who opposed Joe McCarthy was publically ostracized so the end result was that many critics remained silent.

  • Work to preserve Brunswick County

    To the editor:

    I read recently that Wilmington is now down to less than 3,000 acres of open space. The potential for the same thing happening here in Brunswick County is very real. How could this happen? Well, it sneaks up on you.

    A strip mall here, a housing development there and before you know it, it’s all gone.

  • Thanks for Charters of Freedom efforts

    To the editor:

    On behalf of Brunswick County Commissioners and the citizens of Brunswick County, I would like to thank the following sponsors for the Brunswick Charters of Freedom Gala:

    Naming sponsors ($2,000 to $5,000): Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation, Jerome’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant, Brunswick Senior Resources Inc. and The Brunswick County Seniors.