• Rouzer stays quiet on family separations, child detention

    To the editor:

    I’m deeply saddened by the detention and separation of innocent children from their parents at the U.S./Mexican border.

    I’m stunned by the silence of our congressional delegation, especially David Rouzer.

    Congressman, do you agree with the policy of separating little children from their parents? Do you support placing babies in cages? Where is your compassion? Where is your outrage? Have you no decency?


    Julia Snader


  • Calabash car show coverage omitted sponsor

    To the editor:

    Thanks to the Beacon for the recent coverage of the 2018 Calabash Car Show in the June 21 edition. The event was extremely successful with 113 registered judged cars, with strong competition yet friendly appreciation of other cars.

    However, it must be pointed out captions were incomplete as it only recognized two of the three organizers: the Tri-Beach Cruisers Car Club and the town of Calabash. Regretfully, it failed to acknowledge the principal sponsor for this event: the Calabash Merchants Association.

  • Supporting voter integrity

    To the editor:

    In response to last week’s letter from M. Denise Donnelly, I find said letter to be at odds with supporting voter integrity.

  • America offers horror shows on human rights

    To the editor:

    Playing now in a theater near you are three terrifying horror films: “The Invasion of the Child Snatchers,” starring President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions; “The City of the Walking Dead” with the entire Republican Congress; and “The Silence of the Evangelicals” with a cast of millions of hypocrites who espouse Christian religious values and moral standards but have mysteriously lost their voices.

  • Shallotte safety personnel merit congratulations

    To the editor:

    The Shallotte Board of Aldermen and Mayor Walt Eccard recognized Police Capt. Robert Gravino, Fire Capt. EMT Justin Ward, Fire Engineer 1st Class Will Choate, Master Firefighter Steven Coley, Firefighter 1st Class Skyler Dean and Firefighter EMT Bailey Watts on June 5.

    Engine 15 and police were dispatched June 1 to a cooking fire in The Highlands on Paisley Drive. Gravino arrived first, assured the apartment was evacuated, directed Engine 15’s crew to it and told them a feline victim was inside.

  • Thank you for Sunset Vision art show feature

    To the editor:

    On behalf of all the members of Sunset Vision I would like to express our profound appreciation to staff writer Laura Lewis for the wonderful half-page article on the front page of the Tides section in the June 21 edition of the Beacon.

    Thanks also for publishing the beautiful pictures of the sea turtle sculpture and artists and artwork from last year’s show.

    Your timing was impeccable with the opening event just hours away June 21 and our fundraising reception June 22.

  • Federal act punishes coastal states

    To the editor:

    Regarding the Enhancing State Management of Federal Lands and Waters Act, the name of this act should be the “Holding Coastal States Hostage Act” or “Unfair Coastal States Penalties Act.”

  • Thanks for making Rockin’ Democracy successful

    To the editor:

    The Rockin’ Democracy in Brunswick County event was a first of its kind. Kudos to the steering committee that had the vision and leadership for this special event showcasing citizenship, democracy, volunteerism and engagement with the community.

  • Cruelty is not Christian or American value

    To the editor:

    It confounds me how so many Christians can be so adamantly single-minded about an unborn child, yet remain callous and dismissive toward those children here with us.

    Horrible things are being done these days toward children. This is a documented fact and an abomination. It is a stain on our entire country — those perpetrating the chaos and those of us who look the other way. Children and parents alike are being traumatized, but it is the children whose lives will be forever impacted.

  • Prevent voter suppression in our state

    To the editor:

    The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Ohio’s right to purge voter registration rolls of non-voters is just another way to suppress the vote.

    Our right and responsibility in participating in our democratic republic includes voting. Above all, we must vote, register and help others get to the polls, educate all about local issues and candidates and volunteer and support our civil liberties.