• Speak out, silent majority

    Of late it has become apparent to me that if you are quiet and reclusive, it can be taken for quiet approval.
    There are folks in the government of Carolina Shores and their action committees that have proposals they insist on pushing regardless of the feelings of the quiet majority. Some of these folks want to bulldoze over the rest of us. Let us not put up with that.
    I have heard the proposed park/events center has been put on hold. There are other problems within the town that need to be addressed.

  • Fine is trash in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but Councilman Wilson Sherrill is the only Sunset Beach board member who voted against the ridiculous trash can fine.
    Thank you, Mr. Sherrill.
    Karen Joseph, Bob Bobinski and Carol Scott voted in favor of this fine on us. What a telling example of over-reach into our lives.
    Ann Hawkins
    Sunset Beach

  • Pease was appointed, not elected

    To the editor:
    Correct me if am wrong, but I believe on Jan. 26, 2010, the Shallotte Board of Aldermen appointed Michael Pease as alderman for the town of Shallotte.
    Why are citizens of Shallotte being misled by his re-election signage indicating he is up for re-election?
    Simply put, all of his signs should read, “elect Michael Pease.”
    Karyn Hart

  • Supports Williams in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    I am supporting Mike Williams for Sunset Beach Town Council in the upcoming November election.
    I know Mike has conservative values he will instill when carrying out important and necessary town business.
    Mike has a solid reputation as a civic leader, has owned and operated a successful small business and is a staunch member of Seaside United Methodist Church.

  • Should your money be used for a park?

    To the editor:
    Letters to the editor, email responses to one letter printed in the Beacon and a myriad of telephone contacts indicate many respondents do not want the town of Carolina Shores-sponsored park.
    The Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores (CCCS) unitedly have pushed this park and view it as a town “uniter.” How absurd.
    Residents from subdivisions who now fail to use the central recycle center and attend town meetings are highly unlikely to come to a town hall park to use the walking trail, play bocce or socialize.

  • We like Mike!

    To the editor:
    We have known Sunset Beach Town Council candidate Mike Williams for the past several years through his work at our church, Seaside United Methodist. He serves as a trustee, head usher and as co-chair of the successful country fair, which raised $60,000 for the community.
    Not only am I impressed with how much Mike cares for his church and community, but how hard he works for both.

  • Get it together, Carolina Shores

    To the editor:
    I must have been on a space mission when the poll was conducted to discuss the need for a community special events area.
    We obviously need an area in which to conduct public executions. I am sure we could erect pillories and stocks to humiliate minor transgressions. We would obviously have to excavate a dunking pond.
    I am sure the current town employees can clear an area of flammable bushes and trees so we can burn witches, heretics and dissident residents of Carolina Shores at the stake.

  • Doesn't agree with assertions

    To the editor:
    It is not my practice to write editorial letters; however, I feel obligated to address the false comments by Jim Parsch in last week’s paper.
    There was no reduction to the $30,000 [Calabash Fire Department] contribution as stated by Mr. Parsch. I did not support a contribution above the fire fees, but the board of commissioners voted for the funding.

  • Where were you?

    To the editor:
    Several months ago, the idea of using the area adjacent to town hall as a site for our citizens to utilize for special events or as a place of quiet reflection was suggested.
    The communication committee, made up of volunteers from within the town of Carolina Shores, was given the task of exploring options for commissioners to consider.
    After much discussion, it was agreed that professional help was needed to develop viable options for the town to consider. Concepts for a town commons were presented.

  • Thinks trashcan ordinance stinks

    To the editor:
    As a resident of Sunset Beach I must point out an event that occurred over the weekend at the Sunset at Sunset festival.
    I received a letter from the powers that be at town hall notifying us it will be illegal to leave a trash can in front of your home after 6 p.m. the day of pickup. This sounds reasonable, right? Well, yes, unless there are extraordinary circumstances that make that impossible occasionally.
    The powers that be have determined the fine will be $50 for each occurrence.