• What about a shuttle?

    To the editor:

    Due to the concerns of many people over the lack of parking and increased costs at the pier lot, it seems obvious that something must be done to accommodate day travelers and mainland residents with no place to park on the island.

    From what I have read in the Beacon, it appears the elected officials could care less about these families.

  • Vandals caught on camera

     To the editor:

    I live inside Brick Landing, a gated, private community. Since Halloween night 2009 we have experienced several instances of vandalism and larceny.

    The latest incident occurred before 2 a.m. the morning of March 16.

    After my property was vandalized in 2009, I had outside ADT security cameras installed along with a DVD recorder.

  • What about town’s code of ethics?

    To the editor:

    In last week’s article regarding a possible conflict of interest issue, Mayor Clemmons stated, “One of the golden rules you ask yourself is does this member stand to gain financially as a result of their decision?”

  • Supports plan for town park

    To the editor:

    We owe our council people a thank you for their forward-thinking vision of creating a park on the waterway for all the people of Sunset Beach to enjoy.

    The opportunity to procure the beautiful parcel of land located near the site of our old pontoon bridge is a priceless one. It is an opportunity that if not taken now will never present itself again.

  • Doesn’t support town park plan

    To the editor:

    No issue has galvanized the citizens of Sunset Beach more during the past several months than the one swirling through town involving the proposed purchase of land for a 5.2-acre park. 

    The majority of townspeople do not want the park and see it as a foolish waste of taxpayer money, since we have a county park approximately 3 miles away that is larger and offers more amenities.

  • Programs help improve education

    To the editor:

    Thanks to neuroscience research, we now know that the experiences children have early in life literally shape the wiring of the brain. It is during the early years that the architecture of the brain is built. That is why all of us have the responsibility for ensuring all children receive the care they need to support early development.

  • Was touched by photograph

    To the editor:

    Rarely have I been so touched by a photograph. The picture of two young students at Waccamaw Elementary on the Beacon’s March 16 front page, commemorating their fallen classmates, had it all: the innocence of youth, the tragedy of loss and the sweet love of friends. The little girl whose hands were clasped as if in prayer conveyed more compassion than words could ever communicate.

    Thank you for sharing this remarkable picture with us, your readers.

    Anne T. Bailey

  • Defends health board’s decision

    To the editor:

    Even though I argued in support of privatizing Brunswick County’s Animal Shelter, I feel compelled to defend the board’s decision. 

    I have been working with the folks from R.A.C.E. for more than a year to help guide them through the process on how to be prepared. 

  • Save the port

    To the editor:

    North Carolina is at a critical point. We must decide if our state will remain competitive in the retention of existing industries and recruitment of new industries and therefore, job creation.

    We must decide whether to develop a deepwater port that will provide cost competitive advantages that neighboring competitor states are currently developing.

    Significant cost savings on ocean shipping are being achieved through larger container ships. Ships, due to their keel depth, cannot call on the Port of Wilmington.

  • Park would be good for town

    To the editor:

    Anyone who has driven through Carolina Shores will certainly notice we have a lovely golf course in our community but lack a downtown area or a main street. 

    Designing a park adjacent to our town hall would be a wonderful way to honor our community and to have a designated and centralized area for outside activities. It would be a place where you could meet and celebrate annual events or take a walk and enjoy nature or maybe just sit and savor the moment.