• Questions to ponder

    To the editor:

    If state law requires using headlights when it’s raining, why aren’t violators issued warnings?

    If NCDOT has funds to plant flowers along highways, why can’t they afford to repair potholes?

    If an “activity study” had been performed by the Smith Avenue Extension contractor, would we still see 10 people observing the one worker with the shovel when we drive by?

  • Consider the ‘Madoff Method’

    To the editor:

    I am certain that my opinion is in a minority of thinking citizens. I believe that Bernie Madoff should be appointed Secretary of the Treasury. It appears that anyone who can, by any means, amass a fortune of $65 billion by whatever means deserves to be considered exceptional. To be able to operate without the knowledge and approval of the banking community, investment firms and the greedy individuals who are now claiming ignorance, is beyond my comprehension.

  • ‘The Perfect Fiction’

    To the editor:

    Everything said serves the purpose of good.

    It comes naturally and the outcome of the next day means nothing.

    The sun shines without expiration, life becomes more than a declaration.

    Separation, non-existent. Pleasing a stranger, no longer strange.

    The path less taken is smiled upon, respect once again found in a handshake.

    Love, once again felt in a hug. Even the rich appreciate an old VW bug.

    The smallest of people are looked up to and the tall lend a hand,

  • The message Sunset is sending

    To the editor:

    Like many vacation property owners within the town of Sunset Beach, I pay a nice sum in the form of property tax. Like many others, I also pay an additional $1,000-plus per year to the town in the form of accommodations/vacation tax. 

    What do we get? A few portable toilets in a parking lot that is almost always full. 

    If parking on the island becomes just another expense and is so limited that it is virtually impossible to find a space, I might need to ask why I need to own property there at all.

  • There are no death panels

    To the editor:

    I was shocked to open last week’s Beacon and see the Beacon was sponsoring a Health Expo that included “death panels.”

    Now I know the Beacon’s editorial staff will not let my words stand without clarifying that the Advance Directives End of Life Planning Lecture they are sponsoring is just that—information on planning for the inevitable, and in no way encourages euthanasia.

  • Shocked by vendors’ fees

    To the editor:

    I am shocked at the new resolution at Ocean Isle Beach for vendors. License fees are going from $250 up to $1,500 a year for people trying to make a living in the summer. 

    This directly prevents/stifles the American open market way of life. Visitors can’t have a cabana and now can’t have a convenient slushie or popsicle for their children to escape the heat. Sounds like a monopoly on the beach due to exorbitant costs for vendors to compete with island businesses. 

  • Sometimes you have to pay to park

    To the editor:

    In the Feb. 10 issue of The Brunswick Beacon, there were two letters to the editor and an opinion column titled, “Parking rules raising Sunset Beach sand,” pertaining to parking on Sunset Beach. 

    A concern discussed was that non-residents of Sunset Beach would have to pay a parking fee to park on the island. This is very puzzling to me. If I want to attend free outdoor concerts, festivals, etc., in downtown Greenville, S.C., I have to pay a parking fee. 

  • Get the facts before you sign petition

    To the editor:

    I’m writing about the petition being circulated at Sunset Beach to protest the acquisition of land for a park. 

    Few people have any facts, only the proposed price. Many of these people have not seen the artist’s rendition showing a veterans’ memorial and a band shell. 

  • Don’t price the public out of parking

    To the editor:

    Laura Lewis fails to make clear in her article on parking on the Sunset Beach island that it is mainland Sunset Beach residents who are trying to price the public off of the island. We on the island don’t use the public parking unless we are infirm. We walk and leave the parking for off-island visitors.

  • Doesn’t like NIMBY attitudes

    To the editor:

    I decided I should probably pay attention to all the hubbub concerning the parking and visitors to the “island” of Sunset Beach. It’s gotten great coverage this week by your writer, Laura Lewis. I got the information I needed as an infrequent beach user from Carolina Shores.