• Coverage helped backpack program

    To the editor: Thank you for the lovely coverage of Operation Backpack of the United Methodist Women of Seaside United Methodist Church.

    I have sent a copy of the clipping to the Chaplain at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq.

    Since the article ran, I have had several calls from people wanting to donate backpacks and school supplies.

  • Red Cross salutes its family of heroes

    To the editor: It’s hard to imagine a world without heroes.

    At the American Red Cross, we work with heroes every day. They’re the backbone of every hometown and represent the essence of our organization. Heroes touch our lives each day—making us feel safe, making us feel proud.

    March is Red Cross Month, and the Cape Fear Chapter is excited to take this opportunity to thank our Red Cross family of heroes—volunteers, donors, partners and employees.

  • Be a mentor to teens in need

    To the editor: My teenagers will enter the adult world within the next few years.

    I am grateful they will have the support of family and friends to ask for advice as they face new and challenging decisions.

    Unfortunately, there are foster teens here in Brunswick County who will age-out of the foster care system and enter the often frightening world without a support system.

    They will need help, just as we all did, to transition into the real adult world and become productive citizens.

  • We should be scared, prepared

    To the editor: I am a property owner in Ocean Isle Beach and a 35-year police officer and now police chief in the North.

    Stacey Manning, managing editor of the Beacon, writes that the American people are not as scared of the Taliban as they were of communism in years past.

    I need to tell the American people I am really, really scared.

    I am briefed on a regular basis regarding the Muslim extremists, terrorists and the Taliban. Please let me share with you just one of many issues.

  • Government is the problem

    To the editor: Many in our country unfortunately share Michael Darby’s socialist ideas. If we continue on a socialist path, as he advocates, our country will be only a shell of what we are now.

    Our healthcare is our personal responsibility—not Exxon’s or the government’s.

    The mess our current system is in can be laid at the feet of government in the form of regulations and intervention. If we want the best healthcare in the world to fail, along with a system that is already failing, more government involvement will do the trick.

  • Article contained only one side of the story

    To the editor: I am wondering about some of the information contained in that splashy headline story, “Parents upset with student treatment.”

    In particular, the secondary headline on page three says, “Dankas: Teachers involved did not comment,” but then the article quotes five paragraphs’ worth of comment from the two teachers.

    Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Gore did explain the circumstances involving the Dankas’ son, giving a reasonable and believable account of events.

  • Disciplining kids is a fine line

    To the editor: I am the mother of six children, 10 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. When my children were young, I told them if they got spanked at school they would get another when they got home. If there was any doubt, I could always talk with the teacher or principal.

    Now, you can’t spank or discipline children because of fear of lowering their self-esteem. Now our children are out of control. I thought we sent our kids to school to get an education, to respect those in authority and use self-control.

  • Let me wake up from this dream

    To the editor: As I have preached over and over again, this country has bred a nation of ignorant and poor who have only their cunning ways to beat the honest and free-hearted people out of everything they can get.

    There are still those of us who want to help folks who appear to be of need and of smiling face and exhibit a sincerity and truthfulness, yet when the chips have all be eaten, the smiley face goes away and the real truth of “do unto others before they can do unto you,” appears.

  • Good column

    To the editor: Thanks for the great column by Stacey Manning on the Taliban. You are right on.

    Although I am surprised that you remember the fallout shelters! Good job.

    Now, how do we get your words into the national media? No one wants to hear what’s right from us regular people living in Brunswick County and all around the more rural areas of this great country.

    Hopefully, they will hear from us in November.

  • Teachers are not bad guys or monsters

    To the editor: I am really fed up with teachers being the bad guys.

    Teachers in this county work very hard to provide the best possible education and environment for our kids.

    Take into consideration that in one elementary classroom, there can be kids with abilities ranging from kindergarten reading and math to well above their grade level, yet we expect one teacher to teach all those kids the same curriculum and have them pass the test at the end of the year. That is not reasonable in any way, but we ask every teacher to do it every day.