• Sun dangers result in need for cabanas

    Sun dangers result in need for cabanas

    To the editor:

    I have been a property owner on Ocean Isle Beach for 12 years. The ban the town has put on canopies is an unwise decision.

    There are so many people who suffer from the sun’s harmful rays but still would like to enjoy the beach. And yes, an umbrella is helpful.

    But when a large family gets together for their vacation at the beach and they are banned from using their canopy, it makes their stay an unpleasant one. From the elderly to the very young, they especially need protection from the sun.

  • Property owner's yard is not a U-turn

    To the editor: For six years now, I have watched and waited for summertime and all the traffic associated with our wonderful beach area.

    I am glad we have visitors from all over, and it’s always nice to know we have a nice place for families to enjoy the sun and fun that Ocean Isle Beach has to offer. On the other hand, I think it is time for me to let people know that four left turns or right turns do make a block.

  • New group formed to fight port

    To the editor: A public meeting took place June 24 in Southport organized by a newly formed grassroots organization named “NO PORT Southport.” Hundreds of people attended.

    We are putting the people of North Carolina and its elected officials on notice. Six hundred acres of some of North Carolina’s most precious land may soon be completely covered with asphalt.

  • Supreme Court decisions not just

    To the editor: There are justices on the Supreme Court. They are supreme, all right, but not necessarily just.

    Let’s take one decision: Boumediane vs. Bush. This decision was rendered in June 2008. It gave all prisoners in Guantanamo prison the right of habeas corpus. What does that mean to us?

    It means a person who was caught on a battlefield attempting to kill American service people and is a foreigner and is considered a terrorist by all relevant nations because they were without uniforms and could, if they wished, blend into the civilian population at any time.

  • Dog parks would waste tax dollars

    To the editor: I wasn’t going to address the issue of dog parks, but Libby and Emma insisted.

    These two felines are very staunch conservatives in our family and border on being Libertarians. They have never depended on public largesse taken from taxpayers to survive and don’t feel dogs should, either.

    They, as well as their guardians, feel if you can’t afford to cope with your dogs’ needs, you shouldn’t have them.

    Don’t accept the liberal view that others should be taxed to provide for your pets.

  • McCain energy plan makes sense

    To the editor: I am in total agreement with Senator McCain’s energy plan to promote drilling for oil off the shores of the U.S.

    Numerous oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and in offshore waters around the world have not caused environmental problems.

    It is estimated we have more than 20 billion barrels of oil reserves off our coastlines, and at least another 30 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and the oil companies say that it is light, sweet crude, which is low in sulfur and easy to refine into gasoline.

  • Readers weigh in on beach canopy ban

    In reference to Stephen Moss’s letter: “Canopy rule not a sensible solution.” Your letter brought out some laughter in me, with all the melodrama you stated.

    I typically don’t take the time to unleash the facts to people; however, your letter did strike a chord, so today you’re the winner.

  • Agrees with canopy opinion

    To the editor: I am a year-round resident of Ocean Isle Beach, and I could not agree with Stephen A. Moss's letter to the editor more.

    I don’t rent my home, but I have friends and family who visit me and rent nearby houses for our family to be together. We have the young and the old—from 8 months to 80 years. We have the sick and the hearty.

  • Why not have both types of parks?

    To the editor: Recently, a letter to the editor titled, “Kids need a park more than dogs,” was printed in the Beacon.

    I agree with V. Ryan Lauzon that we need a park for kids to ride bikes and skateboard, but why does it have to be one or the other?

    Why do you feel dog owners in Brunswick County don’t deserve a park, too?

    Our parks and recreation department needs to address the needs of all county residents. Yes, we have beautiful parks, and new parks are in the works all the time in Brunswick County.

  • Skateboard park still needed

    Skateboard park still needed

    To the editor:

    There is still no place to skate in town. Skateboarding uses no gas or oil.

    It’s a shame our youth must go to and from Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, S.C., in a time when our nation is severely suffering from high gas prices, just so they can enjoy their passion of skateboarding.

    The Associated Press reported on June 17, Portland, Ore., lifted its ban on skateboarding due to high gas prices so everyone can commute to work with an alternate means of transportation—the skateboard.