• Readers respond to Gilbert petition

    To the editor: One final letter to you, Mr. Gilbert:

    The other day, I declined to sign a petition for your removal as a school board member that was being circulated by a concerned parent who hopes it will have an effect on you or ultimately the attorney general.

    Though I agree that you should resign, something gave me pause. The next day the Beacon headline basically echoed Ms. Danka’s position (organizer of the petition).

    She stated that you are a person children should look up to and that you are not above the law because you are a school board member.

  • Public apology, resignation are warranted

    To the editor: I wish I could sign Tracey’s petition 100 times. What’s wrong with the civil servants of today is that they don’t take seriously their obligation to be above reproach while eyes of the public are on them.

    Mr. Gilbert, cheating on your wife doesn’t cause you humility. Setting an adulterous example to the children you serve doesn’t cause you to bow your head in shame and remorse.

  • Gilbert not even close to the worst

    To the editor: Is Tracey Danka from North Carolina?

    Maybe she doesn’t know enough about the more prominent and public people in Brunswick County. Ray Gilbert would have to steal milk money from orphans before he could edge into the Top 10.

    I’m sure they have been thankful that his problems have taken up space where theirs might have shown up in print.

    I am less afraid of Ray Gilbert being in the schools than the anonymous person who stole my child’s eyeglasses.

  • Brassard was way off base

    To the editor: I own and operate Calabash Gallery. Your Jan. 10 story states that Mr. [Russ] Brassard accuses me of not living up to my commitment to stay at the gallery for three years.

    I never had an agreement with Mr. Brassard in writing or verbally stating that I would pay rent to him for three years or any other time period. I was strictly on a month-to-month lease.

    As a matter of fact, when I gave Mr. Brassard my notice to leave, effective Jan 1, 2008, he was actually very happy.

  • Mayor won't give out his number

    To the editor: I have asked our mayor, Alan Holden, for his home telephone number more than once. He will not give out this information!

    All the board of commissioners—former and present—and our former mayor have very freely given out this information and seem to welcome all callers.

    I, as a resident, taxpayer, homeowner, and voter of Holden Beach, would like to be able to get in touch with all our elected officials when I deem it important or an emergency.

  • Not going to give up using 'wordsmith'

    To the editor: "It is what it is!" Considering myself a technological ignoramus, I appreciate a Beacon columnist doing my Internet surfing.

    So, thank you, Caroline Curran, for giving us Lake Superior State University’s list of “banished” words in your Jan. 10 column.

    I, for one, refuse to find an alternate for “wordsmith.” Whoever concocted that word hammered long on the anvil of creativity. It’s such a picturesque word.

  • We don't need another trash can

    To the editor: We received a form letter that was sent to all rental vacation owners informing us that effective March 1, 2008, we were to have an additional trash can at the cost of $93.44 and would pay $11.68 for four months of the year for two pickups per week, and then pay $5.84 for 8 months of the year.

    When rental season is over, and in my case it is the last week in August and starts Memorial Day weekend, my trash can is cleaned and put away until next year.

  • What fresh ideas?

    To the editor: This letter is in response to Micheal Darby’s column in the Jan. 10 issue of the Beacon.

    You gotta have “faith” or something crowding the brain-pan to believe either Huckabee or Obama has “fresh new ideas.” Fresh, new, ideas? Come on—name one. Just one.

    Prayer might be your answer and hope that the “right person is elected” but I remember my granddaddy’s words: “Trust in the Lord...but lock your car.”

  • Sheriff deserves a thank-you

    To the editor: This one is for Ronald Hewett. Thank you, Ronald, for being the man you are.

    I know being sheriff is a very demanding job and having a family, too. But you always seem to find time for others. Thank you for being the person you are.

    I can’t think of a time that I called on you and you didn’t take time to hear me. And you know my son gave me a fit with drugs and other things. You always were there for my family.

    As a matter of fact, you probably helped save my son’s life. Now he has a family and kids.

  • Bush no worse than any others

    To the editor: In reference to William Stanley's letter "Who started this war on terror?"

    I was wondering how long it was going to be before you wrote in again, uninformed and only stating your personal opinion without facts and continue to insult others.

    Let me again do a little correction for you. Our country is not at the behest of Israel, and we do not bow to AIPAC, we support it, just as we support Israel’s right to be an independent state, just as we support other countries. You are obviously anti-Semitic, as I have read your rhetoric before.