• Thank you, Mrs. McKeithan

    To the editor: She walked by my desk. I had been picked up by the police late Sunday afternoon for stealing gas.

    I was so embarrassed on Monday I would not go out for recess after lunch.

    Mrs. Katie May McKeithan, my eighth-grade teacher, walked near my desk and said, “Donnie, you see what trouble bad company causes?”

    She was kind and caring. I will never forget her comforting words. All the students in the eighth grade at Waccamaw High School that year in 1941 loved her.

    She was to remain our homeroom teacher throughout our high school years.

  • Gilbert made his actions public

    To the editor: Ray Gilbert’s personal life is on display as he is a public figure, but not from the viewpoint that anyone made it public; his own actions dictated that.

    Let’s review some facts about Mr. Gilbert’s recent actions.

    He was arrested and charged with failing to pay child support before he was elected; he allegedly threatened Ms. Hankins to the point of fear of her life; and he had an affair outside of his vows of marriage.

  • Parents need to take responsibility

    To the editor: This morning I read the many articles in your paper regarding teacher and faculty behavior at local schools, including Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary. I was infuriated.

    During my many years as a parent of school-age children and a present parent of a child attending Jessie Mae, I have spent many hours in my children’s classrooms along with functions and meetings with teachers.

    This past Valentines Day, I attended my child’s classroom to help pass out treats for the class party.

  • P&Z board needs its limits

    To the editor: I have just read the article about Carolina Shores wanting the planning and zoning board to take over the duties of the board of adjustment. I feel this would be a mistake.

    The P&Z ’s job is to plan and approve any construction and then recommend their findings to the commissioners.

  • Sloan should back up her statements

    To the editor: Here we go again. After Carol Trapani retired, I thought I would not have to take pen to paper again, but the column by Renee Sloan in the March 6 edition of the Beacon cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

    Ms. Sloan’s column is devoid of anything even closely resembling factual data.

    Where is her proof any American has had their rights violated by any eavesdropping? Like her predecessor, she fails to name anyone.

  • Media bias is evident

    To the editor: With interest, I watch this so-called political process we have going.

    If anyone looks at Obama wrong, his supporters and the media yell foul, but they cannot and will not see the bias and prejudice against Hillary Clinton.

    The only reason she is being treated in such a dastardly way is because she is a woman, a girl trying to play in the boy’s playground. We can thank John Edwards for starting the sexist bias against Clinton, which lost him my support.

  • Teachers do a good job

    To the editor: My name is Jennifer Smith, and my daughter Caroline Smith goes to Waccamaw Elementary.

    Over the past year, we have all heard the negative stories about the public school system and teacher’s conduct. However, I just wanted to remind everyone there are still good teachers in the public school system.

    My daughter is in Mrs. Raynor’s and Mrs. Jenrette’s room. This year they have taken a very shy child and are helping her to become outgoing.

  • Surveillance not a civil rights issue

    To the editor: It appears Carol Trapani has been reincarnated as Renee Sloan.

    The terrorist phone surveillance program does not violate the civil rights of American citizens.

    Monitoring foreign incoming calls from certain regions of the world is within the boundaries of the Patriot Act and necessary for Homeland Security.

    I don’t believe Ms. Sloan has her facts correct, and her comments sound like “rhetoric from a far left kook.”

  • Cartoon was offensive

    To the editor: Shame, shame on you for publishing that awful political cartoon on page 6A (last week.) The cartoon was ugly and offensive.

    Let me remind you Hillary Clinton is our former First Lady, and this is no way to picture her regardless of your political affiliation.

    Furthermore, Hillary Clinton is not out of the running yet.

  • Waccamaw parent wants apology for son

    To the editor: After speaking to several other mothers and grandmothers who have children in our school system, I felt the need to write this letter.

    I hear a lot of people ask why the youth today are growing up acting so disrespectful of others. I ask myself, why not?