• Readers respond to Darby's last column

    The heading of Michael Darby’s column on April 17 was "Providing assistance to those in need is compassion, not socialism.”

    I would agree with that; however, when the government provides that assistance, it is by definition socialism.

    It may come as a surprise to many in our country, but the government does not give a dollar to someone without first taking that dollar from someone else. That is redistribution of wealth, which is socialism.

  • Collectivism is the proper term

    To the editor: Micheal Darby’s last column raises some interesting questions.

    Defining isms today seems to be a game of “gotcha” and makes little sense.

    Michael says, “Believing in needed government assistance doesn’t make a person a socialist.” Needed is an interesting word there. Who gets to decide what’s needed—the recipient or the source of the largess?

  • Rental costs are skyrocketing

    To the editor: We started visiting and renting homes two and three times a year at Holden Beach almost a dozen years ago and have watched as rentals prices, taxes and fees have skyrocketed to the point where we thought twice about renting anything this year.

    I am curious to know if the huge jump in rental fees and other fees has caused a decline in seasonal rentals on Holden?

    The taxes have become outrageous and that, along with the so-called trip insurance, can nearly double the cost of a rental.

  • Support public access to hospice

    To the editor: There are many in our communities who have received the benefits of hospice care over the past 30 years; yet there are so many who have never had the opportunity to utilize their guaranteed Medicare Hospice benefit.

    Up until recently, the growth of small hospices have been rising thanks to the efforts of the many caring health professionals within our communities.

    That growth, and that care, is now being threatened by a complex and confusing issue now before Congress known as the Medicare Hospice Cap.

  • Big difference between games and crime scenes

    To the editor: This letter is in reference Mr. Halberstadt’s letter to the editor dated April 17.

    I am not taking sides about Sheriff Hewett, but in reference to: “Oh my gosh! He took his son to a crime scene! I played basketball. Had I had sons I would have taken them to basketball games.”

    The word is “crime scene” not game. A crime scene could turn into a firefight.

    Mr. Halberstadt, have you ever been in a firefight? It is deadly. People get killed; sometimes the bystanders are killed, not just the crooks.

  • Swartz is the man for the job

    To the editor: The primary and General Election are nearly here, especially the primary, which will take place May 6.

    Every vote counts, and I’ll be casting mine for Paul Swartz for county commissioner, Brunswick County 4th District, who is running as a Democratic candidate.

  • Former educator will serve us well

    To the editor: I am writing this letter in support of candidate Paul Swartz.

    Paul is a candidate for county commissioner of Brunswick County.

    I strongly believe he will work hard for all citizens of Brunswick County.

    Because of his past experiences as a county commissioner in Maryland, he will hit the ground running.

    Paul has a bachelor’s degree from Shepherd University and a master’s degree from West Virginia University. An educator for 36 years, he was a teacher, coach and an administrator serving at the secondary and college levels.

  • Clinton should not step aside

    To the editor: There is no justification for Sen. Hillary Clinton to step aside in favor of Sen. Barrack Obama to be the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. president.

    She has earned her place as the nominee via many years of dedication and hard work to improve the lives and circumstances of U.S. citizens.

    Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said as First Lady, Hillary Clinton was briefed prior to the many trips she made to foreign countries; trips that were purposeful.

  • Is Holden Beach really a family beach?

    To the editor: I just heard the sad news about David Sandifer’s death.

    I did not know Mr. Sandifer personally, but I had the opportunity to work with him when I purchased my house on Holden Beach.

    At the time, I did not know much about the area except it was a small town with a nice beach. I saw it as an escape from busy city life. Mr. Sandifer saw it as much more.

    I had several discussions with him about the area, and all he could say were positive things: how much he enjoyed living here and how Holden Beach had a reputation for being a great family beach.

  • Remember the needy in your community

    To the editor: I have been honored to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly for the past 40 years.

    Many of the friends and acquaintances I have made are frequent visitors to the area and are envious of the scenic beauty and relaxed lifestyle they experience on vacation.

    They have read the national and state headlines about the economic downturn and related housing troubles, but they do not understand the underpinning of Brunswick County’s year-round economy is construction.