• Awareness key in preventing drownings

    To the editor:

    Each time I hear about another child drowning, my thoughts go immediately to Kelly Helbig, her family and their mission.

    In June 2010, Kelly’s 4-year-old son Jack drowned in a lake in their backyard. Since that time, the Jack Helbig Memorial Foundation was established to prevent drowning through education and public awareness.

  • Thanks, CIS volunteers

    To the editor:

  • Protection orders can help reduce gun violence

    To the editor:

    Another week, another mass shooting.  Can anything be done?

    One idea gaining traction is Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs). Fourteen states have given law enforcement, families and others this tool.

    ERPOs allow a family member or law enforcement to petition a judge to have someone’s guns temporarily removed if they are perceived to pose a threat to themselves or others. Evidence must be presented, and the guns can only be retained temporarily.

  • No grounds for disrespecting McCain

    To the editor:

    The late John McCain has always been a challenge for Democrats. On one hand, most of us disagreed with John McCain, the politician, when it came to his positions on the issues. On the other hand, it would be difficult to find a Democrat who doesn’t have enormous respect for John McCain, the man.

    It never once crossed my mind to question Sen. McCain’s loyalty or his conviction to always act in what he felt was the best interest of all Americans.

  • Sunset Beach ceremony most memorable

    To the editor:

    I would like to give a huge “thank you” to the members of the Veterans’ Memorial Committee who put together the Memorial Day ceremony at Sunset Beach Park.

    There could not have a more spectacular setting and backdrop than that beautiful park for such a solemn ceremony — beautiful live oaks providing so much shade with the ICW beyond. Not to mention the Veterans’ Memorial itself, which actually brings me to tears every time I visit there.

  • Trump comments show lack of education

    To the editor:

    Enough is enough. When will the Republican Party and Trump supporters speak up and stop the daily insults? His continued disgraceful comments regarding John McCain are beneath the lowest possible standards for any American.

  • Megaptera Novaeangliae opposes offshore blasting, drilling

    To the editor:

    I took a message to the Brunswick County Commissioners’ April meeting from a fellow who lives along our coast. He was traveling, but wanted them to know that he and his family oppose seismic blasting and offshore drilling.

    My neighbor’s name is Megaptera Novaeangliae (I think it is Latin in origin). He wanted the commissioners to know that we share so much in common: swimming, breathing salt air, music (especially for impressing the opposite sex) and the occasional opportunity to “spout off.”

  • Climate change fears go from cool to warm

    To the editor:

    The “war” of climate change provides an excellent opportunity to better understand the unscrupulous totalitarian actions constantly being put forth by the leftist Democratic Party. Let’s look at a little history.

  • BFA thankful for concert donation

    To the editor

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say “thank you” to The Romios for their donation of $175 raised at a recent concert at Brunswick Plantation. Band members include Jim Sloan, Bubba Pasterczyk, Wayne Lewis, Steve Escott, Jeff Onori, Dave Dodig and Steve Seibert.

  • Cane theft a low blow

    To the editor:

    I am a disabled veteran. I had back surgery last week. I went to the Food Lion last week. While I was in the store, someone stole my cane from my car. It was given to me by my father, a Normandy survivor. It has a Marine Corps insignia on the staff and a bulldog on the top. It is about the lowest act I can think of. I hope the scumbag that took it has a happy Veterans Day.

    Tom Hewit

    Oak Island