• Backroom politics continue in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Taxpayers and the Beacon have questioned Sunset Beach Town Council’s historic “manipulative processes” to get what they want. The resignation of Dr. Weiss is just another example.

  • Keeping one’s distance from Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    So happy we located in Sunset Ridge and not Sunset Beach.

    I assume the beach folks do not want visitors. We are not visitors but could not have considered moving to Sunset Beach due to the town criers on council.

    Folks, grow up and act like adults. You should not be running a town.

    Stay away from Sunset Beach and see how they like not having business. I would never consider owning a home there. Nuff said.

    John Cox

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Doing a double-take on Dems’ top 5

    To the editor:

  • Sunset Beach may need a bigger board

    To the editor:

    The article in The Beacon of Feb. 7 shows how terribly messed up the town council of Sunset Beach has become. It’s a shame!

    At one time, this small town was run by very helpful and concerned adults. What happened? It seems the wrong people have been voted onto the town council and with a small five-person council, it is too easy to form a three-person coalition of my-way-or-nothing majority.

  • Trump gains outdo others

    To the editor:

    Just great that a writer (scorns) Trump for allegedly destroying the Republican Party, forgetting the useless war-mongering policies of Bush and the terrible candidates of RINOs McCain and Romney.

  • Tolerance and respect missing in current conversations

    To the editor:

    I lean a little to the left on some issues, a little to the right on others and down the middle on others. I am blessed to have family and friends, probably 30 percent of whom lean far left, 20 percent who lean far right and 50 percent who walk the line down the middle of the road. Something we all have in common is a mutual respect and our diverse opinions. We can enjoy lively discussions without name calling or ill feelings. I have been enlightened on many issues by the special folks.

  • Sunset Beach dredging comes at a cost

    To the editor:

    Anyone who doubts current and future Sunset Beach residents will eventually pay for any new dredging needs to study the history of Wrightsville Beach, Shell Island and Masonboro Inlet. Last year it was a $30 million program paid for by taxes on restaurants and hotels in New Hanover County. This year a $4,000 to $5,000 assessment has been proposed to many residents in the area. Assessments, bond issues and taxes have been ongoing since the 1960s.

  • Walls secure points of entry

    To the editor:

    A letter last week mentioned that “a wall is a symbol of hatred for immigrants,” and that “walls are totally ineffective,” while at the same time saying that we do need to sort out people coming here for bad reasons. I disagree strongly with the statements that walls are symbols of hatred and are ineffective, but do agree with the need to sort out people coming here for bad reasons.

  • Climate change a matter of debate and math

    To the editor:

    I wrote the Beacon several weeks ago responding to a letter titled, “Our failure to address climate change.”

    I compared the increase in CO2 from a pre-industrial level of 280 ppm to approximately 400 ppm today and calculated the increase to be 12/1000 of a percent. This in turn drew a response from a Maryland resident stating my math was incorrect and should be 43 percent or the amount of the difference (120) divided by 280.

  • Last Run for Food a winner

    To the editor:

    We are especially thankful for all the articles in the Beacon about Run For Food. We were amazed at the final number of participants at 376, most registering in the last few weeks.

    It was all about people supporting others. A carload of food was brought by walkers and runners when they picked up their packets. Participants additionally donated over $2,800 to the South Brunswick Interchurch Council Food Pantry.