• Draft dodger Trump has no right to bash

    To the editor:

  • ICE should monitor law-breaking employers

    To the editor:

    In response to Kim Frankford in the March 21 Beacon:

    Kim, although the wall may be a good idea, you are missing the point.

    Every city in America has illegal aliens on every street corner in the early morning hours looking to be picked up for cash day labor from our greedy American contractors. They are paid less than our minimum wage law requires — no taxes, no SS numbers, no workers’ compensation, no benefits, no insurance. And the greedy Americans pocket the money while not hiring American workers.

  • Standards vs. codes vs. SunsetLogic

    To the editor:

    In response to Sea Trail Master Association treasurer John Rothermel:

    Sir, thank you for acknowledging Sunset Beach as Sea Trail’s new disaster relief insurance company. I owe you my admiration, not an apology. I have been trying to get to this position for 16 years. How did you do it? 

  • Thank a lineman April 8

    To the editor:

    April 8 is Lineworker Appreciation Day.

    After Hurricane Florence, we all raved about the tenacity of first responders, many of whom risked their lives to save others. But another group, working outside in high winds and torrential rains, were hundreds of electrical lineman and their support trades working non-stop to restore power to our community.

    Their training, skills and perseverance repowered our community in a short time. We don’t realize how important electrical power is to our lives until the power is off.

  • Dredging direly needed in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    To Sunset Beach leaders:

    Please push forward the long delayed dredging of the bay area (where I live) and South Jinks Creek as you verbally supported last year, as an overwhelming majority of council members stated (Harris, Benton, Nern and Corbett). South Jinks Creek is a clear safety hazard right now, and if it closes completely, then I believe there truly will be an ecological debacle that so worries Mr. Hilderman.

  • Democrats: Sit back and enjoy the show

    To the editor:

    I have a message for Democrats: Stop complaining!

    Let’s imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election and was now our president. She would have entered office with a solid majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress. From the moment she took her oath of office, investigations into everything from her emails to the re-opening of the Vince Foster case would have commenced. Further, as they did for President Obama, Congress would have obstructed every initiative put forward by the White House.

  • Sea Trail roads meet standards

    To the editor:

    In (the March 21) Beacon, a letter from Mr. Duane Lewis suggested that the town of Sunset Beach had acted inappropriately by accepting the remaining private roads in Sea Trail, an action that was the result of “backroom politics” that will not benefit the town.

  • Disinformation is transparent

    To the editor:

    I love letters to the public through the editors, as I cherish the soapbox speakers of our American past.

    A concern about them, though, is that folks with tainted fish to fry and who have little acquaintance with the truth use them ill-advisedly. Some would poison the truth outright in an effort to influence public opinion through misinformation or disinformation.

  • Citizens deserve respect, neutrality

    To the editor:

    An open letter to Sunset Beach Mayor Pro Tem Benton:

    Mr. Benton:

    As presiding mayor pro tem, citizens expect you to be respectful and remain neutral. At the March 19 council meeting, you stated “there are only four or five people in this town trying to stop dredging.”

  • Protect turtles from seismic testing

    To the editor:

    Thank you, Rep. Iler, for filing HB 169 to make the loggerhead turtle the official NC Saltwater Reptile.

    I hope in addition to this honor there are benefits to the turtles such as protection from seismic testing. Threats to loggerhead turtles include by-catch in fishing gear, loss or degradation of nesting habitat, vessel strikes, entanglement in marine debris, disease, chemical pollution, noise, plastic ingestion and now seismic testing.