• Vote Mascolo for state senate

    To the editor:

    The election is upon us and I’d like to remind Beacon readers that there is an option to the Republican and Democratic candidates for state Senate District 8. Mr. Anthony Mascolo, Libertarian, is running against Sen. Bill Rabon and Dr. David Sink Jr.

  • Vote to end the destruction of our environment

    To the editor:

    Hurricane Florence may be gone but the impact will be felt for a long time. We can’t stop a hurricane, but we can do something to stop the destructive actions by our current elected officials.

  • Clean up our country’s politics with your votes and your money

    To the editor:

    We have presidential election loser Hillary Clinton advocating for the country to be uncivil to one another. We have a sitting senator, Maxine Waters, advocating harassing anyone who is a Republican anytime, anywhere. Then there is 2020 presidential candidate Eric Holder, a former U.S. Attorney General, telling his supporters to “kick” his opponents.

  • Thank you to all who helped rescue squad

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the officers and members of Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many citizens who volunteered their time and effort to CVRS before, during and after Hurricane Florence. Your help positively impacted so many people that were affected by this storm.

    Also, a special thanks to Twin Lakes By the Sea who provided a wonderful meal to the Coastline Volunteers and Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center Staff — this was a meal welcomed by all of us.

  • Kudos to BFA, partners and volunteers

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance, its partners and volunteers deserve commendation for their distribution of food, water, clothing, cleaning products, paper supplies, diapers, tarps, etc. to thousands of people in Brunswick County impacted by Hurricane Florence.

  • Why don’t you just trust in God?

    To the editor:

    I had been a Democrat all my life until the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in 2012 when the crowd booed God and had any reference to God removed from the platform. President Obama had them put God back in so as not to lose the support of the black churches and other Christians. My wife and I changed to Independent the next day. We did not leave the Democratic Party; it left us.

  • Tillis and Burr shut down communication

    To the editor:

    The next time U.S. Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr wish to claim they are doing a fantastic job in representing their constituents, they should make sure they keep their lines of communication open.

    I made repeated attempts to contact their offices to voice my opinion regarding the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, only to be told their lines were full and I should try my call later.

  • Do our sins cause God’s wrath ?

    To the editor:

    Is God’s wrath caused by our sins? When a natural or man-made tragedy occurs, someone sometimes says, “It is the result of God’s wrath for specific sins.” Most people agree our God is a loving God and ask why would he allow something so terrible to happen to people he loves.

  • Thank you, sheriff’s office

    To the editor:

    We recently had a break-in at our home. We would like to thank the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office for its prompt response.

    The perpetrators were caught, thanks to the sheriff’s office and its K9 unit.

    Thank you. We are forever grateful.


    Brenda Brown


  • Thank you to Cunningham for supporting BFA

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say thank you to longtime donor Dave Cunningham for his ongoing support in honor of his late wife, Carol “Lynn” Cunningham.

    Dave has been a very strong supporter and advocate for BFA and we are grateful for all he does for our agency and the community we serve.

    We could not continue to pursue our mission of helping those in need in our community without the help and kindness of people just like him!

    Stephanie Bowen, Brunswick Family Assistance executive director