• Veterans' monument clarified

    To the editor:

    In the Beacon’s “Towns” section on March 14, movement of a monument at the Shallotte Armory to Mulberry Park was credited to the VFW. This is a wonderful vets organization; however, they had nothing to do with the monument.

    I am the last Past Commander of Nocha White American Legion Post 247 in Shallotte until merging with Calabash American Legion Post 503 in 1999.

  • Trump panders to minority base

    To the editor:

    President Trump continues to fail at running the government and serving the country.

    Last year’s tax cut bill failed to increase business investment and expand jobs. His economic policies are increasing the national debt and causing global economic slowdowns. Recently, more layoffs were announced in General Motors’ plants.

  • Sunset Beach projects cost many to serve few

    To the editor:

    After 15 years of paying my taxes into Sunset Beach, watching money being spent on projects orchestrated by a chosen few, being insulted for asking for maintenance to fix a pothole and now watching thousands of tax dollars funneled into an experiment called “Dredging of Jinks Creek,” where is the sanity?

    Councilman Cerrato should be embarrassed and insulted; escorted out of chambers for being disruptive was necessary. Mayor Pro Tem Benton should have shut down the meeting entirely and sent everyone to the parking lot.

  • No more silence on abortion

    To the editor:

    For most of my adult life, I have believed that abortion was wrong. That life begins at conception. Up to recently, my attitude has been that the pro-abortion people would have to face their maker at some point and suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Now, however, with the New York and Rhode Island decisions (laws) to allow abortions up to and including through the third trimester, I can no longer keep silent. Let’s face the truth: If you kill a human being that has a heartbeat, it is murder — plain and simple.

  • TV reception possible matter of perception

    To the editor:

    I have lived a long time and can now be called “elderly” without hurting my feelings. I remember watching “The Ed Sullivan Show” on Sundays. There were about three Lincoln or Mercury car ads in the one-hour program. As a kid, I looked forward to them to dream about someday owning one of the beautiful cars.

    I don’t, however, find today’s pillow commercials quite as warm and fuzzy, particularly when I see them 23 times a day. I spend more time dreaming with my head on my pillow.

  • Anti-wall is anti-Trump

    To the editor:

    We count illegals as part of national citizenry. Discussions abound about giving illegals the right to vote. Why?

  • Wanted: New leadership in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach…Sunset Beach. Mmmm…sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

    Just picture it: A charming seaside village where year-round residents and tourists enjoy pristine beaches and striking sunsets. A peaceful haven where dog walkers and bicycle riders co-exist with shell seekers and sun worshippers.

  • Revised Clean Water Act threatens wetlands

    To the editor:

    Since 1970, the Clean Water Act has protected our rights to clean water. Proposed legislation has the potential to remove protections from many of these waters. In the South, this would put access to clean drinking water at risk for 70 percent of the population.

  • Assimilation not working

    To the editor:

    Teddy (Altreuter), are you really that clueless?

    For your information we have immigration laws, ports of entry, processing centers and well-trained authorities to carry out this process.

    Wake up, read a book or two on the history of our country.

    My ancestors came to America to colonize and build a nation in the early 1700s. I don’t know about yours.

    I think they did a remarkable job. They didn’t come here for welfare like what’s pouring in now.

  • Democrats have already transformed

    I’m challenging any reader to intelligently prove my comments and facts below wrong without throwing out the “racist, bigot and misogynist” label.

    I was a JFK Democrat for 40 years, leaving the party in 2010 when it became a leftwing liberal progressive socialist America-hating party. Don’t believe they hate America?