• Thank you for supporting hurricane victims

    To the editor:

    Pure Markets would like to thank the community of Sunset Beach for its generous support of victims of Hurricane Florence. One member of our market family lost everything because of flooding in the aftermath of the hurricane. Through its generosity as well as the generosity of the Sunset Beach Summer Market community, she has now been able to return to her home. This is amazing since a little more than one month ago she was homeless.

  • Gamble on offshore drilling akin to playing Russian roulette

    Editor’s note: The writer is the Democratic candidate running against Republican incumbent Frank Iler for the state House of Representatives District 17 seat in the Nov. 6 general election.

    To the editor:

    My first exposure to Russian roulette came in 1978 with the release of “The Deer Hunter.” I remember wondering how someone could be so cavalier about their own life to risk it in a game with a one in six chance of death.

  • Vote, then hold elected officials accountable

    To the editor:

    Will there be another shooting before the election? How many people in Brunswick County think the president is right, that we need armed guards at houses of worship? Will we show up to the polls and vote to extend the party of fear and hate franchise? Or will we decide compassion might be better?

  • Stand against offshore drilling: vote for Priddy

    Editor’s note: The writer is running against incumbent Republican Marty Cooke for the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat as a candidate unaffiliated with a political party.

    To the editor:

  • Re-elect Cooke as county commissioner

    To the editor:

    Hurricane Florence has been on our minds since early September when this storm was just a blip on the radar. As it developed with the prospect of hitting Brunswick County, the county government and residents implemented their hurricane plans. Before, during and after, our county government employees and county commissioners’ performance was exemplary.

  • All taxpayers in county merit county services

    To the editor:

    James Lask wrote a letter in last week’s edition expressing his displeasure over the decision of Brunswick County commissioners to fund the collection of debris left by the fury of Hurricane Florence. He is troubled by commissioners extending this service to areas of the county called gated communities.

  • Thanks to OIB firefighters for elevator rescue

    To the editor:

    The night before the NC Oyster Festival on Oct. 19 at a wedding rehearsal dinner at a house on Ocean Isle Beach’s First Street, the elevator broke down between floors with four elderly people inside.

    The Ocean Isle Fire Department was called and three firefighters came very quickly. They removed the lower door and carefully helped all four out of the small opening at the bottom.

    Our thanks go out to them.


    Douglas Jurney


  • Gated community residents pay their fair share

    To the editor:

    Regarding the letter in last week’s edition from James Lask: it is not the county doing Hurricane Florence debris cleanup, it is the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    Just for background, we pay the same taxes as everyone else, regardless of whether we live in gated communities.

    In fact, we in gated communities have to pay for our streetlights and electricity for them. We maintain our own roads, yet are taxed for public roads just like everyone else.

  • County’s storm debris pickup decision is fair

    To the editor:

    This is in response to the letter by James Lask, published in last week’s edition, who wrote he is offended the county is picking up storm debris in gated communities.

    I happen to live in one of those gated communities. Our community roads are open to the public from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Sunday. We pay property taxes just like Mr. Lask. Why should we not reap the same benefits as other property taxpayers?

  • Council ignores scientists and constituents

    To the editor:

    At the special Sunset Beach Town Council meeting Oct. 9 on dredging Jinks Creek, councilman John Corbett said Spencer Rogers, who made a presentation to the council Oct. 5, said there will be erosion and flooding on the east end of the island whether or not the navigational channel was created. We all know this because of Hurricane Matthew.