• A Christmas prayer for our armed forces

    To the editor:

    We are in a season where our thoughts turn to Christmas and being with our family.

    Let us remember in prayer members of our armed forces far from home serving in missions at posts spread across the world. May the Lord strengthen and comfort these families, and may the God of Angel Armies protect these men and women wherever they are serving.

    Honor those who gave their all.

  • ‘Beneath Christmas Tree Was A Wreath’

    To the editor:

    Beneath Christmas Tree we saw a wreath;

    Thought about Jesus and His much grief;

    Born and bred,

    In a shed,

    And of Him on church window is a motif.

    We never knew how long Jesus was in the

    barn after his birth. He was there when the

    wise men came.


    James Thomas Horn


  • Sunset Beach should lead opposition to seismic testing, offshore drilling

    Editor’s note: The writer is Brunswick Environmental Action Team co-founder and past president.

    To the editor:

    As you are aware, our beaches and coast are being threatened by the current presidential administration’s plans to open our coast to offshore seismic testing and offshore drilling.

    Being that Sunset Beach Town Council has voted 5-0 in the past to oppose offshore drilling, I believe it should follow the lead of North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and be the first town in Brunswick County to file suit against this dangerous proposal.

  • Voice support for sensible offshore exploration of potential new energy resources

    To the editor:

    Over the last several months, supporters of a ban on all offshore exploration and development have staged various protests and written letters in support of their position that Brunswick County should join other communities and pass a resolution to ban seismic testing and any development of resources.

    How can we sit by and not explore what is below the ocean floor?

    The testing will determine places suitable for offshore wind farms and the existence of and size of any oil and gas deposits.

  • Thanks for supporting Giving Tree

    To the editor:

    Pure Markets wishes to thank the Pure Markets Community of vendors and the patrons of the OIB and Sunset Beach holiday markets for their generous contributions to our Giving Tree project.

    Because of your kind generosity, Pure Markets was able to present a $1,400 check to West Brunswick High School principal Rhonda Benton for the student fund. This fund is used for students with a particular need because of financial hardship.

  • Protest erosion of decency

    To the editor:

    Commenting on the National Cathedral services for President George H.W. Bush, CNN’s Don Lemon said when President Trump proffered his hand to President Obama as a greeting when he took his seat, Lemon said that Obama should have refused to shake Trump’s hand. Really, Don? Do you really think Americans would have tolerated that?

  • Thank you for supporting BFA, food programs

    To the editor:

    The Brunswick Concert Band presented its fall concerts Nov. 17 at Hatch Auditorium and Nov. 18 at Odell Williamson Auditorium. In my welcoming remarks, I mentioned how Brunswick County and the surrounding area had experienced the wrath and destruction of Hurricane Florence. I said both the Brunswick Concert Band and the Big Band are community bands with most of our members residing in the county.

  • How long must someone pay for their mistakes?

    To the editor:

    As human beings we make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes have consequences, but how long should we have to pay for those mistakes?

    As a wife and mom I’ve got to work so my husband and I can pay our bills, which sounds easy enough, right? Well, it isn’t when you apply for a job and get an interview but aren’t hired because you’ve got a criminal record.

    Now understand these charges are from 16 years ago and they aren’t violent charges, they are misdemeanors, but the door keeps getting slammed on me.

  • Time to restore Sunset Beach’s Environmental Resource Committee

    To the editor:

    More than a year ago, I requested Sunset Beach Town Council restore the Sunset Beach Environmental Resource Committee (ERC). Council selected John Corbett and Jan Harris to lead this effort.

    Corbett was one of the council members who refused to accept, on record, the ERC independent science-based warnings raising serious environmental concerns if Jinks (North and South) Creek were to be dredged. These concerns included increased flooding and property erosion due to water volume, flow and speed, and potential destruction of a primary nursing area.

  • Vehicles and their impact on climate change

    To the editor:

    A recent letter to the editor criticized the pending GM layoffs with a link to climate change. The author lamented the rollback of Obama-era MPG standards then suggested a carbon tax to force the public into smaller cars. With this scheme in place, GM was now to be competitive with European manufacturers.