• Do our sins cause God’s wrath ?

    To the editor:

    Is God’s wrath caused by our sins? When a natural or man-made tragedy occurs, someone sometimes says, “It is the result of God’s wrath for specific sins.” Most people agree our God is a loving God and ask why would he allow something so terrible to happen to people he loves.

  • Thank you, sheriff’s office

    To the editor:

    We recently had a break-in at our home. We would like to thank the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office for its prompt response.

    The perpetrators were caught, thanks to the sheriff’s office and its K9 unit.

    Thank you. We are forever grateful.


    Brenda Brown


  • Thank you to Cunningham for supporting BFA

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say thank you to longtime donor Dave Cunningham for his ongoing support in honor of his late wife, Carol “Lynn” Cunningham.

    Dave has been a very strong supporter and advocate for BFA and we are grateful for all he does for our agency and the community we serve.

    We could not continue to pursue our mission of helping those in need in our community without the help and kindness of people just like him!

    Stephanie Bowen, Brunswick Family Assistance executive director

  • Hurricane forces recycling fair cancellation

    To the editor:

    Seaside United Methodist Church regrets that due to circumstances beyond its control, it has cancelled the Seaside Electronic Recycling Fair (SERF) that was scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 13 from 9 a.m. to noon at the church.

    People who wish to recycle electronic goods may drop them off at the landfill at 172 Landfill Road NE, Bolivia. There will be no charge.

    Seaside United Methodist Church thanks all who have recycled in previous events and hopes SERF can be rescheduled in the future. Please do not leave electronic items at the church.

  • Vote Benton for school board

    To the editor:

    Gerald “Jerry” Benton has a vision for success for all Brunswick County students. Jerry’s vision is to prepare each student with the tools necessary to be successful when leaving the school system either to college or to the workforce.

  • Drain swamp of Democrats and all their grandstanding

    To the editor:

  • Streetreach still assisting those displaced by hurricane

    To the editor:

    Current cleanup and restoration effects are still going on with Building Hope Ministries/Brunswick County Streetreach. We have been blessed to assist countless individuals and families. We are exhausted, as we are sure many of you are also.

  • Real-time disaster information network needed

    To the editor:

    As impressive as the state and county’s response to Hurricane Florence was, there is one area concerning public safety that appears to have been overlooked: the public need of real-time information on flooding, road closures and other hazards.

  • Thanks to Cooke for helping out during hurricane

    To the editor:

    A great big thank you to one of our county commissioners, Martin Cooke. While he was driving around Brunswick County assessing the damage to the county from Hurricane Florence, he saw my car stopped and came by to see if I needed help.

    This was a very busy time for all in this county and I want to say how nice it was of him to take his time and push my car out of the north exit of Sea Trail.

  • Community is blessed with caring people

    To the editor:

    Neighbors helping neighbors has reached a new level! Walking home, I approached neighbors talking on their driveway about their experiences with Hurricane Florence. I related my lot was loaded with tree debris. I had filled my drums just clearing my driveway and a small piece of lawn and was waiting for a lawn-care provider to finish the job.