Today's Opinions

  • Hats off to Jessie Mae Monroe arts program

     Schools across the nation operate more and more on a shoestring budget. Administrators are forced to seek areas to reduce costs. Though school systems spend millions of dollars on test preparation materials (specifically the End of Grade state-mandated tests), when examining the upcoming school year needs, boards of education tend to look at fine arts programs as a convenient area to trim the fat.

  • Supporting the champions of public education

    Thousands of teachers, support staff and other champions of public education convened in our state’s capital Wednesday, May 1, during a “Day of Action” organized by the North Carolina Association of Educators.

    Among those thousands of teachers who rallied in downtown Raleigh was a group of Brunswick County educators who proudly represented our school system and community during the highly publicized march.

  • April 1 foolishness on full display in Sunset Beach

    Almost since the day he settled in Sunset Beach from his native Massachusetts, Richard Cerrato has torn through the town like a Yankee rebel with assorted causes.

    When he first ran for town council in 2005, Cerrato was fighting to preserve Sunset Beach and against conflicts of interest.

  • State should revisit ABCs of liquor control

    Sometimes it seems like “the state,” aka North Carolina government, can’t resist the urge to try to fix something that ain’t broke.

    That’s the case with House Bill 91 and Senate Bill 87, aka “ABC Laws Modernization,” requiring Alcoholic Beverage Control systems numbering two or more in a county to merge by June 30, 2021.

  • Hurricane help still needed

    In mid-March we can mark a whole half-year since the unwelcome visit of Hurricane Florence.

    But nearly six months after the weekend storm blew through, many are still dealing with the after-effects.

    Blue tarps covering hurricane-damaged roofs still dot the local landscape as homeowners await reimbursement or available work crews, or both, to make repairs.

  • Trouble in paradise

    Sunset Beach has long been renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The South Brunswick Islands beach town has the accolades to prove it.

    But just as we were lauding the town last month for volunteers and town leaders coming together to build an environmentally beneficial living shoreline, trouble was brewing once again beneath the surface in paradise — more accurately, at town hall.

  • Remain vigilant as flu season flourishes

    As Mother Nature flirts with the idea of finally bringing warmer weather to Brunswick County, it’s important to remember that flu season is still upon us, running from October through May.

    Last Friday the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the current flu season hasn’t peaked. As of Feb. 2 flu is widespread in 47 states, with 24 of them, including North Carolina, experiencing high flu levels.

  • Living shoreline sets good example

    There’s no doubt Sunset Beach is a microcosm of differing points of view on assorted town issues and politics.

    But when it comes to protecting the environment and making their South Brunswick Islands town better, citizens are about as united and unanimous as you’re going to find.